Random thoughts on Gun Control

Honestly, I think most people I’ve heard discuss gun control are blinded by their own emotions and idealism. This isn’t a black and white problem. If you believe the right to own guns (2nd amendment) is a check-and-balance against the … Read More

Narco Moolah is FREE today!

My latest stand-alone Cleo Matts thriller, Narco Moolah, is FREE in the Amazon store December 23 and December 24! Narco Moolah at Amazon (US) Narco Moolah at Amazon (UK) The action and laughs are strong with this one. As one … Read More

Book Review: Death of a Matador

Powers delivers a page-turning police procedural with Death of a Matador, the latest thriller featuring Detective Grant Starr. The action takes place in—until now—a peaceful little dusty town in Central California. From the first page, the story plunges into the … Read More

Book Review: Coming Unglued

In Coming Unglued, Norma Budden’s heart-tugging page-turner about emotional and physical abuse, a young woman named Kelly seeks fulfillment while trying to meet her obligations to family, friends, and God under horrific circumstances: raising a child conceived during rape. Budden … Read More

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