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Human vices, follies, shortcomings, and abuses held up to humorous censure.

Chocolate and Cash come between Smelly People and Porn

Frank Jacobs knows maps, and on his Strange Maps blog he’s posted more than a few good spins on the atlas. His posts range from from a serious investigation into The Shotgun Tracts of the Lower Mississippi to enlightening twists … Read More

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President Obama’s School Speech

Political cartoonist John Cole offers a nice perspective on the Presidential-school-address hysterics coming from the right-wing drama queens: Both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush gave similar speeches and, like Obama, were attacked by opponents for inappropriately mixing official duties … Read More

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Who Needs Socialist Health Care?!

Private health care works! We like our buckets, and we want to keep ‘em!

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Seniors Against American Socialism

Attention! Senior Americans who hate socialism: Please mail me your social security income that’s currently being leached from my hard-earned paycheck. Also, please send me any Medicaid or Medicare funds you receive. Remember: This is no time to be a … Read More

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Super Gaza Bowl!

The following is a presentation of ABCBSNBESPN Sports. Jim: Here we are at halftime, and billions of people across the world have tuned in to the Gaza Strip. Walter: Not an Olympic-sized venue by any means. Jim: It’s about six-miles … Read More

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