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The Largest Swimming Pool in the World

The largest swimming pool in the world is over a kilometer long. If you’re going after the Guinness world record for the largest swimming pool, it just got a bit tougher. In January, the honor was awarded to the swimming … Read More

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The Biggest Squid Ever Caught

The biggest colossal squid ever caught weighs over 1000 pounds and measures almost 30 feet long. In February, 2007, a Sanford seafood company fishing vessel, the San Aspiring, caught a toothfish on a long line while fishing in the freezing … Read More

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The Brightest Light On Earth

A laboratory in Texas has produced a light brighter than sunlight on the surface of the sun. Prof Todd Ditmire, with help from colleagues at the Texas Center for High-Intensity Laser Science at The University of Texas at Austin, has … Read More

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Shark Virgin Birth

Scientists have confirmed that a virgin hammerhead shark gave birth to a pup in 2001. Three sexually immature, female hammerhead sharks were captured and put in an aquarium at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. Three years later, on December 14, 2001, … Read More

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Little Filipinos Suck

On Wednesday, 10,000 Filipino women created the largest mass breastfeeding frenzy ever witnessed on the planet. The Filipino breastfeeders flocked to over 40,000 hospitals, day-care centers, and open-air parks across the Southeast Asian island nation. They didn’t just come to … Read More

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