Book Review: Coming Unglued

Coming Unglued by Norma BuddenIn Coming Unglued, Norma Budden’s heart-tugging page-turner about emotional and physical abuse, a young woman named Kelly seeks fulfillment while trying to meet her obligations to family, friends, and God under horrific circumstances: raising a child conceived during rape.

Budden fully explores the gray areas of Kelly’s circumstance–a situation stigmatized by a society inclined to see black or white. Along the way, Kelly discovers joy where she most expects to find grief, and heartache when she expects joy. She also learns a thing or two about forgiveness, and the blessings and perils of unconditional love. With Budden’s smooth writing, it all adds up to a gripping tale filled with revelation and more than a few surprises.

In the endnotes, Budden says this novel is based on a plethora of research into the real lives of abuse victims. The convincing characters reflect the depth of the research, and maybe that’s why, as with real life, you’re never confident how the story will end until you reach the final page. Strongly recommended, but only with a full box of Kleenex nearby.

Coming Unglued: A Mother’s Journey into Hell is available on Amazon’s Kindle. (US) (UK)

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