Mike Huckabee on Illegal Immigrants

After hearing that there was a lone GOP headliner who opposes ditching the 14th amendment (unmentioned reason: to prevent a ground swell of Latino voters in about 18 years), I had to google for more info on Mike Huckabee’s thoughts on illegal immigrants, and I found this quote:

When people say, “They’re taking our jobs”—I used to hear that as Governor—and I started asking this question, “Can you name me any person, give me their name, who can’t get a job plucking a chicken or picking a tomato or tarring a roof that would like to do that work?”… And I’d hear “Well, it’s a lot of people,” and I said, “No, no, don’t tell me it’s a lot of people… Tell me their names. Take a few hours. Go get them. Give me their names.” I never, ever, had a person who could come up with the name of a person… so much of it was more about emotion than it was about the reality.

Ok, so there…I quoted a Republican with admiration. Hell freezes over. ;-)

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