Mike Huckabee on Illegal Immigrants

After hearing that there was a lone GOP headliner who opposes ditching the 14th amendment (unmentioned reason: to prevent a ground swell of Latino voters in about 18 years), I had to google for more info on Mike Huckabee’s thoughts on illegal immigrants, and I found this quote:

When people say, “They’re taking our jobs”—I used to hear that as Governor—and I started asking this question, “Can you name me any person, give me their name, who can’t get a job plucking a chicken or picking a tomato or tarring a roof that would like to do that work?”… And I’d hear “Well, it’s a lot of people,” and I said, “No, no, don’t tell me it’s a lot of people… Tell me their names. Take a few hours. Go get them. Give me their names.” I never, ever, had a person who could come up with the name of a person… so much of it was more about emotion than it was about the reality.

Ok, so there…I quoted a Republican with admiration. Hell freezes over. ;-)

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4 Responses to Mike Huckabee on Illegal Immigrants

  1. Xman says:

    I have a response for Mike:
    Illegals drive the wage down in those jobs…and any job that a large number of illegals have.
    If there weren’t illegals, those jobs would have to pay more in order to attract American’s.

    Basically, illegals are slaves.

  2. JoeC says:

    I agree Xman. And slave labor is one of the big sad answers to the question of why Americans have had such a good quality of life related to the rest of the world…from the days when black slaves powered the plantations, to the cheap Chinese labor that built the railroads, to the illegals that roof our houses and clean our hotel rooms today. Heck, just look at the tags on the shirts in our closets–made in Guatemala, Vietnam, Indonesia. Now, if the cost of making them there plus the cost of shipping them half way around the world is still cheaper than making them right here at home, you know those workers are getting waaaaaay less than minimum wage–we’ve never gotten rid of slave labor–just shipped it offshore so we don’t have to think about it. If we made our own stuff here and paid what it was worth, we’d be living a lot more meager lifestyle, and probably a lot more peaceful one, too.

    • Xman says:

      Yep. Clothing in Europe is through the roof!

      Food production in the USA, too, is pretty darn cheap…because of slave labor…in spite of the good C. Chavez did in labor organizing.

      That said…I see shades of the same gradual shift toward taking away the rights of minority groups of citizens that we saw happen gradually over many years in Germany. Step by step is how they built their evil empire. Law and policy upon law and policy.

      I do agree that Mike does often appear to be a man trying to be a good person.

  3. There’s so much hypocrisy and doublespeak and gamesmanship in the political process these days, who can sort out the bs? It’s disingenuous to pretend there’s any fair-bargaining going on. Everywhere you turn the machiavellians are sharpening their swords. That said, I don’t have a problem with straight shooting Republicans, if you can find me one, it’s the corrupt that disgust me.

    Huckabee speaks with an ah-shucks forked tongue, imho. But he’s better than most.

    The process has stalled, gone tits up. RIP. The king is dead. Long live the king.

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