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Added a new blog in the sidebar: GreenHsv’s Blog:

I am starting this blog because ever since reading TheZeroWasteHome I’ve been thinking about how wasteful I am in my daily life. It really struck a chord with me. So this blog is dedicated to my journey toward a greener lifestyle.

GreenHsv’s Blog promises reviews and the green-related lowdown on area grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and, you know, other green stuff. Although it’s geared toward those living near Huntsville, Al, GreenHsv looks like she’ll be posting plenty of interesting blog content that can be appreciated by all.

To get things cooking, she starts her green journey with a Secret spy trip to Publix, where, among other things, she discovers it is apparently a bold violation of several universal laws to snap pictures in a Publix.

Also worth mentioning: it’s true that GreenHsv is an Alabama blog, but I swear I can’t find anything on there (so far) about Obama’s missing birth certificate or a bunch of Sarah Palin butt-kissin’. Hat’s off for that, GreenHsv!

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4 Responses to GreenHsv’s Blog

  1. Greenie says:

    Thanks, Joe! I added a couple more entries and still haven’t mentioned anything about the Tea Party’s agenda.

  2. Xman says:

    What do you have against tea?
    Sorry, channeling TP logic.

  3. Xman says:

    Forgot to mention:

    Totally green nursery and most of the plants they sell produce fruits. Stuff most of us have never seen or heard of.

    A lot of Russian and Asian stuff.

    I’ve been to their nursery in Oregon.

    • JoeC says:

      Xman, you’re right…I’ve never heard of some of those types of fruit trees. Now I’ve got to track down some of those fruits and see what the heck they taste like. Thanks for the link!

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