Dear Mr. Wilson…


It’s so fun to send a note to a Congressman. Here’s a recent one I sent:

Less Honorable Mr. Wilson:

Fact Check: You’re the liar.

You’re also a few other things I won’t mention.

Congrats for showing your backside on national TV :-) Good luck with it!

Without Respect (as it’s apparently no longer called for in this country),
Joseph W. Crubaugh

Try it; it’s fun! Send your own regards: Contact Heckling GOP Rep Joe Wilson.

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9 Responses to Dear Mr. Wilson…

  1. Lynne Parker says:

    Two things. First of all I do believe we have an all volunteer military at this point.
    Secondly, I guess Joe should have thought harder about his vote to okay our invasion of Iraq.

    The “guns, God, and guts” philosophy of the South is coming home to roost in the Wilson household.

    • Xman says:

      “Stop Loss” is not a volunteer force.

      Falsely casting this nations wars as honorable as part of the recruiting effort does not gain one a “volunteer” force…one gets a force by fraud.

  2. Jodi says:

    Did you really send that????!!!

  3. JoeC says:

    Of course I really sent it…apparently not the only one either; heard his web site crashed…I’m sure he could care less what I had to say (the feeling’s mutual, as I could care less what he has to say…) but I think the volume of the response was the important thing, if anything at all important could be associated with the whole fiasco.

  4. Xman says:

    Thanks Joe,
    I sent one too. Sorry Jody…mine was not as polite.

  5. Excellent point, Xman.

    And cheers to you and Joe for slamming that bastard.

    Good work.

  6. lonmower says:

    reciprocal links????

  7. JoeC says:

    Thanks for the link, lonmower! Added yours here.

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