Juan Enriquez: Economics and the Big Reboot

Juan Enriquez: The Big RebootIn his TED talk, Juan Enriquez ponders the economic meltdown. He also talks about wolves who dress like sheep and talk about entitlement. And he explains how the dollar in your pocket today may be worth a trillion 2010 dollars.

But more than that, Juan Enriquez offers a glimpse of the Big Reboot that is surely coming, and, I’ve gotta tell ya…it’s amazing and a little scary at the same time. I had no idea common people were already walking around with replacement tracheas and bladders and ears grown to order from their own cells.

I feel like we’re topping the peak on the roller coaster, right before the big rush; it’s going to be a very fun and thrilling ride — as long as the car doesn’t detach from the track and we aren’t flung into space and dashed on the amusement park asphalt. But nevermind the backseat pessimist…this wave is coming, in fact it’s already here, and we can choose to enjoy surfing it and hope the sharks aren’t biting, or resist and catch a choking throatful of ocean.

One of the big questions Enriquez alludes to: if you lose an eye, and doctors can replace it with an eye that can see many times better, how long before people start gouging out the good eyes they were born with and tossing them on the trash heap?

Welcome to a new species of human, Homo evolutis. Our kids are going to be different: Juan Enriquez Shares Mindboggling New Science.

Tip of the hat to Indigobusiness for pointing Juan Enriquez out of the crowd.

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