Garage Sales for Gaza

Xman has just put up a new blog: Garage Sales for Gaza:

I have never done anything more than vacillate between the political points I have seen made on the news. I didn’t know what or who to believe. I have never taken action to help either side.
Well, those days are over!
I will help those who are being isolated, imprisoned, bombed, strafed and totally destroyed.
Whatever the two sides have been doing all my life, it hasn’t worked.
It is time to try something new.

Some might think I’m being cynical when I say: “Good luck saving the world.” But I’m not. If anybody can make a difference and get a ball of good will rolling, I believe Xman can.

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  1. pelmo says:

    Maybe it will be a good year after all.

  2. Xman says:

    Thanks for your support, guys!
    Here is a short post of how the girl in Gaza kicked my butt into action:

    “I am receiving your emails, messages, and calls of support… I appreciate them, but I do not ever appreciate it when you tell me you are helpless… no one is helpless [only against the Zionists machines of death and terror! Only!]

    Even during wars and massacring no one is helpless… am I helpless? I refuse to be helpless… not only is it a humiliating existence… it is a shame, and living in what Sartre [yes, I know he supported the state of Israel's creation…let us just consider the context of his "acceptance"] would call “bad faith”…

    Remember that you are a citizen… you have the right to vote and pressure those who represent you… do that! You also have a choice in boycotting companies and products that support the Zionists’ weaponry production, thus massacring and killing… that also support the Zionist Apartheid regime… someone once told me, “Jerusalem is the most beautiful city to me in the world, but after I saw the extent of racial discrimination against Palestinians and Arabs in by the Zionists… it became the most horrid.”
    (Consult BNC and PACB for details on boycotting)… you can demonstrate as well (and throw your shoes, of course!)… You are an active human being… active in your political and social choice… thus, you are called citizen. Be a citizen, by doing! You are not helpless!”

  3. Xman says:

    Here is an amazingly beautiful (in a sad way) youtube music video that really gives one a “closeness” to the issue in Gaza.

    Thanks to Marcy at:

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