Where the Hell is Matt?

To date, Dick Cheney is the only person who has been able to watch Matt dance the world without smiling.

Watch embedded below, or click this link: Where the hell is Matt?.

Who the Hell is Matt?

Matt Harding was a video game developer, originally from Westport, Connecticut, who ended up working for a game company in Brisbane, Australia.

After the popularity of shoot-em-up video games led to him working on a game called Destroy All Humans (no, this is a different game than the real-time game currently being played by George Bush and Dick Cheney), Matt decided to spend his savings and six months out of his life doing something more upbeat and positive, and so he set off to see the world.

Fate and synchronicity and chance led from one thing to another, as they often do in this particular dream, and the rest is viral video history.

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7 Responses to Where the Hell is Matt?

  1. Xman says:

    Thanks Joe!
    Truly a great lift for my day. I clicked the link and found many other vids of people doing the same thing in tribute to Matt.
    Maybe I should do some of those goofy things that fly in from left field.
    Maybe Indigo will get to see me dance yet….

  2. JoeC says:

    Lifted my day, too. I know the economy is going to hell along with retirement savings, etc., but for some reason, I feel really upbeat lately. Maybe it’s because problems are no longer being ignored and looming over our heads. Maybe because the country is finally having to address some of the crap we’ve known has been wrong for so long. Or maybe the gloomy half of me just had to take a break for a spell. Whatever it is, this video did fuel the good vibes.

  3. Get to, Xman, GET to? I’m bleeding from the eyes as it is.

    You nailed it, Joe. Although I haven’t watched the video yet for fear it will improve my mood, and I can’t have that. I’m surfing the crest of some vile mojo at the moment, and the impending wipeout has my knees knocking. So, it’s all I can muster to acknowledge your insight: there truly is a pervading euphoria filling the air over the mask being stripped from the big lie. It’s as if everyone’s suspicions are suddenly being confirmed, and everyone is realizing they weren’t paranoid after all.

    Once the monster is tangible, it can be reckoned with…and that’s a relief.

  4. La Sirena says:

    Exactly, the affirmation that we are not paranoid, things really are messed up. We are not Cassandra screaming ourselves hoarse. What a relief! What release! Aaahhhh…

    Mojo isn’t vile, IndieBusy. Shake hands with your bad self. ;~)

  5. Trust me, Sirena, I recognize mojo gone vile.
    I wouldn’t recommend anyone embrace it.
    Bad juju.

  6. Hoohah! Much better now. There’s wisdom in that, thanks Xman.

    Actually, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I broke down and watched
    Matt’s video. Amazing! It’s been playing ever since in a constant loop way back in my subconscious.

    Events have conspired in my favor… much better now.

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