Where the Hell is Matt?

To date, Dick Cheney is the only person who has been able to watch Matt dance the world without smiling.

Watch embedded below, or click this link: Where the hell is Matt?.

Who the Hell is Matt?

Matt Harding was a video game developer, originally from Westport, Connecticut, who ended up working for a game company in Brisbane, Australia.

After the popularity of shoot-em-up video games led to him working on a game called Destroy All Humans (no, this is a different game than the real-time game currently being played by George Bush and Dick Cheney), Matt decided to spend his savings and six months out of his life doing something more upbeat and positive, and so he set off to see the world.

Fate and synchronicity and chance led from one thing to another, as they often do in this particular dream, and the rest is viral video history.

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