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Sketchbooks are way up there, close to the coolest items on the planet. It’s really hard for me to walk into an art or hobby store and NOT pick up a new sketchbook. I see them there along the aisle, … Read More

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Where the Hell is Matt?

To date, Dick Cheney is the only person who has been able to watch Matt dance the world without smiling. Watch embedded below, or click this link: Where the hell is Matt?. Who the Hell is Matt? Matt Harding was … Read More

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JoeC Postpones Moving to Canada…

…for a few years, anyway. Congratulations to that one, No. 44, President-Elect Obama. [tags]election 2008, Barack Obama[/tags]

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Logical or Emotional Government?

In a previous comment, Bartholomew says: Hey, Joe. I’d be curious how a real Obama supporter would do by taking this test: Yes, it’s an anti-obama site, so that’s why I’m curious how you’d do. Hats off to Bartholomew … Read More

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