Suqami’s Magic 9/11 Passport: Three Theories

Suqami's Magic 9/11 PassportLadies and gentlemen, the story you are about to read of one hijacker’s magic passport is true. It will bend and twist your mentations, but I assure you of its veracity. Not even the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Speaking of names, there are letters inscribed on this most extraordinary of all passports. Those letters read: “Satam al-Suqami.”

The providential passport was issued to Suqami in Saudi Arabia in August of 1998. Three years later, a stranger handed Suqami’s passport to an NYPD detective on the streets of Manhattan — just moments after American Airlines Flight 11 attempted an unscheduled landing on the 93rd floor of WTC1.

How did this passport — a piece of paper soaked in jet fuel — survive the explosive landing? I give you three theories…

The Official Magic Passport Theory

Suqami's Magic 9/11 PassportIt’s Tuesday September 11, and Manhattan has just come through three straight days of mid-eighty-degree heatwave. But on this Tuesday, the first kiss of autumn brushes Manhattan on the cheek…perhaps a gift for those with no mornings left.

According to the 9-11 Commission, Suqami uses his magic passport to board Flight 11. He then shoots or stabs Daniel Lewin, a former member of an elite Israeli special-operations unit, before moving into the cabin to get set for Mohamed Atta’s attempted landing on the 93rd floor.

While the ensuing conflagration destroys the plane’s indestructible black boxes, Suqami’s magic passport flies out of his pocket, or luggage, passes through the building, and lands on a sidewalk, barely singed and completely intact.

Ok…not even flat-earthers or Laura Bush still believe this theory anymore. Let’s move along to more likely explanations…

The Planted Evidence Theory

The world’s intelligence agencies know that Suqami has been frequently involved with al-Qaeda. Now, somebody wants to make sure that he and al-Qaeda are identified and blamed for the 9/11 attacks. That particular somebody knows the hijackers’ plans ahead of time. Then, they help let it happen.

And then, they make one of the dumbest, most glaringly stupid mistakes an agent could make. They plant some evidence (the magic passport) that could not possibly exist? I don’t think so…

No, this theory still doesn’t sound right to me. How about one more…

The Ingenious Whistleblower Theory

Somebody involved at some level is watching 9/11 unfold. She has realized that the safety drills and military exercises scheduled for 9/11 will be used to facilitate the WTC and Pentagon attacks. She recognizes the coming events for what they are: an American coup d’etat.

Instead of blowing the whistle and surely being silenced by those who also control the Main Stream Media, she comes up with a better idea: she will plant the most implausible and absurd piece of 9/11 evidence possible.

This evidence is unexpected and unrecognized at first, so it will initially get covered by the media before it can be censored. The magic passport will, by its very existence, denote planted evidence. And because planted evidence of such a nature requires preparation, it will be a beacon of proof to any American who can put two and two together that there was foreknowledge of the events that occurred on that horrible day.

And, thus, she hopes, millions of Americans will figure out what has happened. And she prays that they will rise to action against the criminals who allowed 9/11 to be perpetrated. And she hopes that the people will take their country back.

I’ll bet this person, wherever they are, is still hoping.

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