Suqami’s Magic 9/11 Passport: Three Theories

Suqami's Magic 9/11 PassportLadies and gentlemen, the story you are about to read of one hijacker’s magic passport is true. It will bend and twist your mentations, but I assure you of its veracity. Not even the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Speaking of names, there are letters inscribed on this most extraordinary of all passports. Those letters read: “Satam al-Suqami.”

The providential passport was issued to Suqami in Saudi Arabia in August of 1998. Three years later, a stranger handed Suqami’s passport to an NYPD detective on the streets of Manhattan — just moments after American Airlines Flight 11 attempted an unscheduled landing on the 93rd floor of WTC1.

How did this passport — a piece of paper soaked in jet fuel — survive the explosive landing? I give you three theories…

The Official Magic Passport Theory

Suqami's Magic 9/11 PassportIt’s Tuesday September 11, and Manhattan has just come through three straight days of mid-eighty-degree heatwave. But on this Tuesday, the first kiss of autumn brushes Manhattan on the cheek…perhaps a gift for those with no mornings left.

According to the 9-11 Commission, Suqami uses his magic passport to board Flight 11. He then shoots or stabs Daniel Lewin, a former member of an elite Israeli special-operations unit, before moving into the cabin to get set for Mohamed Atta’s attempted landing on the 93rd floor.

While the ensuing conflagration destroys the plane’s indestructible black boxes, Suqami’s magic passport flies out of his pocket, or luggage, passes through the building, and lands on a sidewalk, barely singed and completely intact.

Ok…not even flat-earthers or Laura Bush still believe this theory anymore. Let’s move along to more likely explanations…

The Planted Evidence Theory

The world’s intelligence agencies know that Suqami has been frequently involved with al-Qaeda. Now, somebody wants to make sure that he and al-Qaeda are identified and blamed for the 9/11 attacks. That particular somebody knows the hijackers’ plans ahead of time. Then, they help let it happen.

And then, they make one of the dumbest, most glaringly stupid mistakes an agent could make. They plant some evidence (the magic passport) that could not possibly exist? I don’t think so…

No, this theory still doesn’t sound right to me. How about one more…

The Ingenious Whistleblower Theory

Somebody involved at some level is watching 9/11 unfold. She has realized that the safety drills and military exercises scheduled for 9/11 will be used to facilitate the WTC and Pentagon attacks. She recognizes the coming events for what they are: an American coup d’etat.

Instead of blowing the whistle and surely being silenced by those who also control the Main Stream Media, she comes up with a better idea: she will plant the most implausible and absurd piece of 9/11 evidence possible.

This evidence is unexpected and unrecognized at first, so it will initially get covered by the media before it can be censored. The magic passport will, by its very existence, denote planted evidence. And because planted evidence of such a nature requires preparation, it will be a beacon of proof to any American who can put two and two together that there was foreknowledge of the events that occurred on that horrible day.

And, thus, she hopes, millions of Americans will figure out what has happened. And she prays that they will rise to action against the criminals who allowed 9/11 to be perpetrated. And she hopes that the people will take their country back.

I’ll bet this person, wherever they are, is still hoping.

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14 Responses to Suqami’s Magic 9/11 Passport: Three Theories

  1. whistler says:


    He is.

  2. Xman says:

    Good job, Joe. Hadn’t thought of #3. The helpful citizen hasn’t come forward and gotten her 15 minutes on Today, GMA and Larry King?
    You know, there is just too much odd behavior/odd incidents, not to have real questions.

    Hate to bring up OJ, but it is a good example. Sure all kinds of evidence that under normal circumstances would make one think he was guilty. But then we have drug dealers, glove issues, strange blood drops, mishandled evidence and most importantly to me, a history of personal vendetta by cops…not just on OJ, but on a whole race. I think the jury got it right. Just too much suspicious sh*t.

    I have a feeling if a jury had been able to sit and hear the evidence we have so far on the 9/11 thing, they would also have great doubts.

    Oh, I forgot, we don’t have juries for this stuff anymore.

    A couple other comments:
    Yesterdays had a guy on and he says we now fly 60 suspected terrorists a day, from all over the world INTO Iraq for imprisonment. No trials, juries, lawyers. A DOD spokesman said a couple days ago, the reason we are building a new prison in Afghanistan is that the present one is not built to hold detainee’s “indefinately”. Do we thank Dr. Freud for that one? I’ve heard no one comment on that comment. I found it interesting.
    I love Obama, but are we thinking he will do something about this?

  3. JoeC says:

    The thought of #3 came while reading a UKGuardian article about how ridiculously sloppy and careless the “plant” was, and I thought, hmmm…what if the ridiculousness of the plant wasn’t a mistake?

    Flying so many people into Iraq…that’s just insane. I can’t believe I’m helping pay for this kind of crap. I can’t believe I paid somebody to do my taxes and figure out how much I had to send to these bozos so they could blow it on extraordinary rendition and get-around-the-constitution detention facilities in other countries. Well, at least I got all the Big Macs I want and American Idol. ;-)

  4. La Sirena says:

    I pick 3!!!

    And now I’m even a little cheered up….

  5. Mal says:

    Sorry but I go for number 2, the Planted Evidence theory. I agree it is absurd that they would plant something so obvious and expect the world to swallow it, but hey! They were right. They knew from long experience of controlling the media, manipulation and mind control how few people would smell a rat or care. As evidence of this is all the other absurdly implausible planted evidence associated with 9/11 – the hijackers on the eve of the attacks, for example, taking a copy of the Koran along to a lap-dancing bar and leaving it behind along with one of their business cards. It’s inconceivable but the media report it without question.

  6. D.R. says:

    You’re an idiot! It was an inside job planned by the government. The damn passport was found MINUTES after the second tower when down. It was actually found in the rubble.

    Watch these, maybe you will wake the hell up after you do.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

  7. JoeC says:

    D.R.: Ughh, dude…maybe you should “wake the hell up” and realize that I’m agreeing with you. And, I think it’s obvious to whoever looks into 9/11 with a rational and skeptical mind that there had to be inside assistance, and it’s a very- well-documented fact that lies were told and evidence manipulated all the way to the top.

  8. jim guy says:

    I was unfortunate enough to witness a plane crash on December 7, 1987. A BAE 146 plane owned by PSA was hijacked and crashed at full throttle, and a speed of mach 1.2 at a 70 degree down angle into solid rock. The biggest part of a person I saw was feet in shoes. There were quite a few such feet. Apparently, shoes do a pretty good job of protecting feet under such extreme circumstances.

    The other thing I saw a lot of were wallets. Of the 44 people in the crash, I’d say most of the wallets were completely intact. They showed no visible sign of having been ripped from the pockets of the passengers and hitting the ground at mach 1.2. I also saw many airsick bags, magazines, flight documents, and other pieces of paper. The suicide note/confession of the man who brought down the plane was found written on an intact airsick bag.

    It was eerie, because there were all these faces looking from open wallets. Faces that could never be identified without the use of DNA evidence. After seeing that, I believe a passport could survive the crash into the World Trade Center. It’s the only part of the official story I DO believe.

    I feel that we will one day know who carried out this attack, and how. I believe that the people responsible were given opportunities to take gold from under the World Trade Center, and to purchase put options on the airline stock. I believe that we can do a much better job of proving the truth if we do not chase after things that can be explained such as this surviving passport.

    • Charles says:


      The nature of the 1987 crash of which you witnessed the aftermath was very different to 9/11. There’s a Wikipedia entry explaining why the documents etc. survived the former;

      ” The plane struck a rocky hillside, leaving a crater less than 2 feet deep and 4 feet across, presumably where the landing gear struck the ground. The high-speed impact compressed the soil, which almost immediately rebounded, throwing fragments and paper (including the note by Burke) back into the air, before flames consumed them.”

  9. Xman says:

    Interesting, Jim.
    Makes me immediately think of that field one of the 9/11 planes crashed into, but there was NO debris.

    I like you final point. Follow the money.

  10. JoeC says:

    I do think it’s possible that a passport could survive…one of those miraculous fluke things, like a lightbulb smashing through a door in a tornado and not breaking. However, when such miraculous flukes occur in so many numbers as occurred on 9/11, I believe the majority of them are fabrications. So, while I can believe that the passport could have survived the fireball, I cannot believe that 1) the passport survived the fireball and 2) all four black boxes on the two planes were destroyed.

    Jim guy, I’m guessing that the 1987 flight crash site you witnessed had recoverable black boxes, right? I think, except for the 9/11 crashes, black boxes have been recovered on every locatable crash site, even off the ocean floor. Granted, there was a lot of debris to sift through at the WTC site, but from what I’ve read, those boxes are built to withstand such impacts, conflagrations, and still emit locator signals?

    Anyway, I think you may be on to something with the gold…just part of the looting done by the small group of folks who knew the attacks were coming.

  11. julia says:

    Thanks for posting this. There also some great comments. It’s amazing that more people do not even question what happened on 9/11.

  12. Super Africa says:

    Well, some of those who posted the comments are not to be trusted, they trap you guys, many of our youths were gone being gullible, your telephone at home, your cell , your computer is already in the hand of your bullies, those you were most kinded , think but do not stop Revolution Revolution and educate your people, there is not single brave, patriotic man or woman with prinicipals in USA, the world sees but your only enemy you ought to know ” MAIN STREAM MEDIA”
    Let us stop them with peaceful revulation and let us not use the word Media, let us identify who is who and who is excuting their own people live, law makers of this country ought to be changed, every state need to get rid off the human excerment – puppet-coward senator/congressman/congresswoman and bring peace, love and full education to our youth for thier future and their youths for tommorow, let us not witch hunt to criminals but leave to their conscience and the divine power above us

    Think what happened Venzuala on April 2002 and I urge you to see “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Chavez, The Coup – MUST WATCH!”

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