The Biggest Squid Ever Caught

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The biggest colossal squid ever caught weighs over 1000 pounds and measures almost 30 feet long.

In February, 2007, a Sanford seafood company fishing vessel, the San Aspiring, caught a toothfish on a long line while fishing in the freezing Ross Sea of the Antarctic. Colossal squidWhen the crew brought the toothfish to the surface, they realized they’d also caught a colossal squid. The squid wouldn’t let go of the toothfish, so they decided to catch the squid, too.

After hauling the squid aboard, the crew froze it in a cubic meter of water and brought it to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Currently, Marine biologists at the museum are in the process of thawing the creature in order to learn more about the species.

Besides measuring the largest eyeballs ever seen (about the size of a beach ball), the team has measured the colossal squid’s lower beak at 40 centimeters across.

Squid clawsSince a 49 centimeter squid’s beak was previously found in the stomach of a sperm whale — and since the total squid size to beak size ratio is incremental, not linear — scientists believe there are still colossal squid in the ocean that are a great deal bigger.

The colossal squid may hold another record, too: first colossal squid to have its own blog. To keep up with the thawing process and read the latest findings, visit: Colossal Squid Te Papa’s Blog.

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9 Responses to The Biggest Squid Ever Caught

  1. jodi says:

    Oooh! We just caught the biggest squid in the world! Let’s kill it and study it! That just makes too much damn sence. Poor Squid!

  2. pelmo says:

    Thanks a lot Joe, now you have me locking the doors and staying away from the pond in front of my house.

  3. JoeC says:

    Yeah, just look at the claws on that tentacle. Don’t go near the pond. Donnnnn’t go near the ponnnnnnd!!!

  4. Xman says:

    Apologies to Jodi, but as with any wildlife, my instant thought is how best to cook it.

  5. JoeC says:

    Now, that’s a lot of fried calamari rings, Xman. I think I read on the squid blog that in a squid that size, the calamari would have a very amonia-heavy taste. I’m guessing it would be a little more chewy than normal, too!

  6. Xman says:

    I guess that just leaves a squid head trophy for my den.

  7. jodi says:

    No need to apologize. I love fried calamari. I just hate that that thing lived to get that big, just to get the shaft. I mean what is the point. they could have tagged him and watched him grow even bigger!

  8. Xman says:

    I agree, Jodi,
    Been a hunter all my life. Never took a shot at a trophy.
    1. Because those shots are rare.
    2. But also, I like keeping them in the gene pool…though not sure of the science.

    However, I’m guessing sentimentality is not too common in commercial fishing area.
    btw, the squid may have been dead already. If you have ever fished deep, you know that bladders burst, eyes pop, etc. as the air in an animal expands as it gets closer to the surface. Assume squids, like fish suffer this way too. Sorry for the graphic.

  9. JoeC says:

    Hahha…I’m not laughing at the idea of dead squid, but I just noticed the Google AdSense ads on the sidebar and below are throwing up all sorts of fishing gear and sushi adds with this post…pretty funny.

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