War on Drugs: CIA Imports Tons of Cocaine into America

Oliver NorthDuring the 1980s, the CIA was known as the Cocaine Import Agency for good reason: the Civilian Intelligence Agency that was chartered to collect and analyze information about foreign governments to protect America was instead collecting tons of cocaine and importing it to America.

Just as many people still refuse to believe the CIA killed JFK despite the confessions of those involved, many die-hard patriots still refuse to believe their own government — while it advised our children to “Just Say No” and fought for stiffer sentences for cocaine traffickers — was the biggest cocaine trafficker of all, despite the fact that it’s in the public record.

Before delving further in to the hypocrisy, let’s put the rumor to rest that the CIA did NOT import cocaine. Here’s a quick 60 Minutes video from 1993 of Ex-DEA head, Robert C. Bonner, flat out admitting that the CIA imported a ton of cocaine: Ex-DEA Head Admits CIA Imported a ton of Cocaine.

Why Did the CIA Import Cocaine?

During the 1980s, the Reagan administration was hell-bent on funding insurgents — I mean freedom fighters — to help them overthrow the Republic of Nicaragua. This involved working through Israel to sell weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of American hostages, despite Reagan’s public claim that, as a matter of principle, the U.S. didn’t deal with terrorist countries like Iran.

Then, the National Security Agency’s own Lieutenant Colonel Oliver “Ollie” North got involved and started diverting some of the weapons sale profits to the insurgents (Contras, freedom fighters, whatever…) in Nicaragua.

But the U.S. Government soon discovered that selling anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Iran just didn’t produce enough cold hard cash to fund its favorite insurgents. And, when Congress wouldn’t send them a bigger slice of Americans’ tax payments, the CIA decided to get the money from Americans another way: they’d sell them cocaine!

1980s Crack Epidemic

Before long, the State Department was paying over $800,000 to four companies owned and operated by narcotics traffickers, which were assuring the Contras had all the cash, weapons, planes, pilots, and air supply services they needed to supply an exploding American demand for cocaine. And soon, the coke and weapons were flowing into L.A. via super dealers like “Freeway” Ricky Ross.

Miami ViceBetween 1984 and 1986, crack houses popped up in every major U.S. city, and America saw a huge surge in crack addiction, homelessness, murder, theft, and robbery.

But, the upshot was that all that CIA cocaine combined with new get-tough, long-term prison sentencing laws created a boom time for the Prison-Industrial Complex.

And the rest of America got to watch Miami Vice.

God bless the CIA.

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