Monsanto and the Death of Milk

Bad MilkWal-Mart recently announced its store brand milk would no longer come from cows treated with artificial growth hormones.

If you’re unfamiliar with growth hormones in your milk, here’s a brief introduction…

This Is Your Milk On Drugs

Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) is secreted naturally by a cow’s pituitary gland, boosting the cow’s energy and preventing the death of mammary cells.

In 1937, two Russian scientists named Asimov and Krouze discovered that BVH also made lactating cows produce more milk. But, BVH was only available from dead cows in small quantities, so it wasn’t a very profitable option.

Then, along came Monsanto, the multinational biotechnology corporation that has gifted the world with Agent Orange, DDT, Aspartame, and terminator seed technology.

The good folks at Monsanto figured out how to artificially produce BVH — they genetically engineered E. coli!

And thus, dairy farmers began injecting their cows with modified E. coli, and the cows began to produce 10-20% more milk, and because the extra milking caused cow teats to have sores, the farmers started giving all their cows antibiotics to try to prevent the sores, and that’s how greed for profits put a gallon of white pus-filled chemical-laden animal secretion on your grocery’s refrigerator shelf.

Why Drink Milk Anyway?

So, now that Wal-Mart has turned the tide against Monsanto, it looks like BGH tainted milk may be a thing of the past, like cocaine-laced Coca-Cola, or New Coke, or clear Crystal Pepsi for that matter.

But, before we rush to get a cold tall glass of old-fashioned organic milk, should we not ask if organic animal secretion is much healthier than animal secretion from a cow injected with modified E. coli?

Fat KidsSure, it’s got calcium and vitamin D. But, for crying out loud, it’s also loaded with calories! Do these kids look like they need more calories? Tell them to drink fortified orange juice, or just pop a TUMS if it’s calcium they need.

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit I love cheese, and ice cream, and even the gazillion calorie tall glass of milk flavored with Nestle’s Strawberry Quick. But, I also like potato chips. And the dairy industry’s Got Milk ads make it sound like our lives depend on gulping regular large quantities of white animal secretion. And it’s just not so, anymore than your health depends on munching a tall can of Pringles potato chips with each meal.

The fact is, that until refrigerators were invented, the vast majority of humans in the world didn’t drink much milk. Billions of Asians, Africans, and other cultures STILL drink very little milk. And their health is fine, if not better than the average American. But, another fact is that there’s about 65,000 dairy farmers in the United States, selling $27 billion worth of milk. And spending a few hundred million dollars on generic brainwashing is worth it to keep the gravy train rolling.

But, at least the tide is turning on the hormones.

So, good riddance Monsanto. And good riddance Dairy industry.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I think I’ll grab an ice cream sandwich…

* * *

“The amazingly successful and expensive advertising campaigns of the dairy industry not only got our mothers to feed us formula instead of breast milk, but seem to have convinced us that it is “natural” for people to drink cows’ milk. Nothing could be less natural. No species drinks milk beyond infancy and none consumes the milk of other species.” ~Neal Barnard, M.D.

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