Dear Mr. President

If there’s one upside to an unnecessary war, it might be its role as catalyst for good music…

Bad War Makes Good Music

“I read the New York Times every day, and watch the news. And I was completely disgusted with it. I just felt like…I just needed to write a song. I really wanted to write a song to piss my dad off because he is a Bush supporter.” ~Pink

“I hope the president is proud of the fact that we live in a country where we can do things like that, where we can have dissent, talk, communicate and share our opinions. I also think it’s pretty narcissistic to think that one of my songs will be heard by the president of the United States, but hey, that would be really cool.” ~Pink

Celebrities and Soapboxes

No doubt somebody is wondering aloud: What gives celebrities the right to climb up on their soapboxes and express their political views?

Humbly speaking on behalf of Pink, I’d guess because she was born in Pennsylvania, that makes her a U.S. Citizen and thus, the employer of the person her song addresses.

I’d also guess that, with 25 million albums sold, the taxes on her personal income are paying a higher percentage of the president’s salary than the average U.S. citizen, as well as funding the Pentagon, the CIA, Dick Cheney’s new branch of dictatorship, a preemptive war sold with lies and fought with depleted uranium, and the demolition of a good portion of Baghdad.

But most of all, I’d guess that celebrities can preach from their soapboxes because they have the same rights the rest of us have to preach from our own respective soapboxes. Yep…I think this oft-heard complaint really boils down to soapbox envy. Hey — if it’s really the size of your soapbox you’re not happy with, don’t knock celebrities for expressing their views; get a bigger soapbox.

Pink’s Dear Mr. President…click below to listen…

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7 Responses to Dear Mr. President

  1. Xman says:

    Thanks, Joe.
    I’ve been keeping an eye out for this generations protest songs. It’s nice that they are starting to get them out there a little. Kind of hard to do though, since right wing corp media owns the outlets….

    In the 60′s and early 70′s there was a lot of underground radio. FM was the cutting edge. It was a nurturing culture for a while. I felt someone spoke for me.

    As for “voice”. Some of us have a bigger voice due to who we are, some have a bigger voice due to what we say. The point is, we all have a voice and anyone who doesn’t like it, doesn’t have a proper respect or understanding of what we are supposed to be about.

    Pink makes me feel good about this generation.

  2. James says:

    There is such bias amongst the “Hate Hollywood” crowd. They love to hate the Alec Balwins, the George Cooneys and the Dixie Chicks but fail to hold the conservative celebs to the same standards. I mean, I bet most country superstar singers are Republican conservatives and you bet they are famous.

    For every Susan Sarandon there is a Charles Barkley, a Mel Gibson and a Sam Elliot. Other notable conservative celebs: Dennis Miller, Kelsey Grammar and many others.

  3. Suzie-Q says:

    Yes, I love this song. Kudos to Pink!

  4. Suzie-Q says:

    In fact, I am going to steal this video from you and post it on my blog, with a hat tip to you!!

    Thanks! :)

  5. JoeC says:

    Spread it around! I can’t believe the album with this song on it has been out since last year. I didn’t hear the song until recently ( feeling-old-and-out-of-touch sigh here :-)), and it surely deserves as wide an audience as possible.

  6. Lynne says:

    Thanks for this post. I love this song, love all of P!nk’s music. She is a real talent, this generation’s Janis Joplin.
    I’m 49 and I love P!nk!

  7. Eka Kolour says:

    oh,when you took my arm, that’s when we fell apar. Eka Kolour.

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