Topsy Turvy Bus

Topsy Turvy BusThe Topsy Turvy Bus was commissioned by Ben of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream fame and built by car artist Tom Kennedy.

The point the bus makes is that we Americans spend enough money each year to blow up all the major cities on the planet about 12 times.

What if we only gave the Pentagon enough money to blow up all the major cities only 6 times, and put the savings into something like education? Naaaa…that’s crazy! ;-)

Topsy Turvy Bus Pie ChartAnother point graphically depicted on the inside roof of the bus is how our military budget compares to the budgets of other countries in billions of dollars spent each year:

Entire Axis of Evil: $10 billion
Russia: $62 billion
China: $63 billion
USA (not counting Iraq funds): $865 billion

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