Navarre Beach 3D Stereo Images

Sorry for the lack of posting, but it’s been vacation time!!!

This summer, we met my parents and my sister’s family at Navarre Beach, Florida, for a week in the sand.

And, I took some 3D stereo images while I was there…

Stereoscopic Imagery

Supposedly, British scientist and inventor Charles Wheatstone discovered stereoscopy in 1838. Wheatstone constructed a stereoscope that displayed 3D images from two 2D pictures. Soon, stereoscopes, along with collections of stereo image cards, were the conversation piece in middle-class Victorian parlors.

As TV became the main entertainment in adult living rooms, the popular ViewMaster upgraded stereoscopic images with color film and easy-load discs targeting the children’s market.

Disposable stereo 3D camerasA few years ago, I stumbled on a cheap way to create your own stereo images. Just tape a couple of disposable cameras together, base to base. Make sure the lenses are in the same horizontal plane.

Next, just aim through one of the view finders and press both camera buttons at the same time.

Viewing 3D Images

You can buy special viewers to see your images, or you can learn to “free-view” the images without a viewer.

The most popular free-viewing method is the cross-eyed method: Cross your eyes, relax your vision until there are three images, then focus on the center image.

Here’s one of my own images to try it out on (click picture for a larger image pair):

Navarre Beach

You can view a few more homemade 3D vacation pictures here: Navarre Beach 3D Pics.

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3 Responses to Navarre Beach 3D Stereo Images

  1. pelmo says:

    You really make it hard on me. I am tighter then a drum, so I will not purchase a viewer, and I am not so talented as to be able to cross my eyes.
    Besides I always believed my mother when she said “your face will freeze like that.
    Looks like you had a good time on your vacation and am happy you did so.

  2. JoeC says:

    Thanks, Pelmo! It was a great vacation…we turned off the news and really enjoyed pretending everything was great in the world…and it turns out ignorance IS bliss…thoroughly enjoyable time.

  3. Lynne says:

    That is so cool. I used to love the Viewmaster.

    Ah, a vacation. Mine is in August. Can’t wait. Yes, ignorance is truly bliss and we need a “news blackout” to recharge.

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