The Michelle Malkin Manifesto

Michelle MalkinMichelle Malkin recently posted what she calls her John Doe Manifesto. She encourages you to share it with everybody in the world, because, like, chain mail is cool, and you’re an unpatriotic freethinking hell-bound anti-war pacifist if you don’t. Hey—this is no time to be cautious. It’s apparently time to be a scaremongering alarmist bigot drama queen.

Malkin begins her manifesto addressing “Muslim Terrorist Plotter / Planner / Funder / Enabler / Apologist,” which, when you track dollars paid at the pump back through oil’s Middle East corporate sources, includes almost everybody except the Pope (who doesn’t pay for gas) and Timothy McVeigh (he was a NON-Muslim terrorist plotter. Non-Muslim terrorists are okay by Michelle.)

Malkin tells us that she’ll never forget the heroes of 9/11 (for all you first graders…9/11 was a pretty-much proven false flag operation that happened before you were born. It may be why the parent you miss dearly is in another country dodging IEDs and dreading Walter Reed, instead of being home and raising the next great generation of Americans.)

More Malkin: “I will protest your Jew-hating, America-bashing scholars. I will petition against your hate-mongering mosque leaders.” (I’d like to personally add Muslim-hating, Constitution-bashing, passive-aggressive firebrands to that list.)

Michelle also says she’ll challenge “attempts to indoctrinate my children in our schools.” (I think what she’s trying to say is that she’s against public prayer and lesson plans that contain Intelligent Design? Good for her!)

“I will combat your violent propaganda on the Internet.” (Oohhhhhhhh…she doesn’t like White House spokespersons, either…)

“I will support law enforcement initiatives to spy on your operatives, cut off your funding, and disrupt your murderous conspiracies.” (Tell you what, that girl HATES the CIA.)

She goes on to say that she won’t be censored in the name of tolerance, and she won’t be “cowed.”

No need to worry. The 1st Amendment’s got both our backs. “Moo.”

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