Take the Fascist Dictator Test

Time Magazine Hitler1. Have you ever been Time Magazine’s Person of the Year? (add 4 points)

2. Did you rise to power with less than a majority of the votes? (add 3 points)

3. Have you used a terrorist attack as an excuse to invade another country? (add 5 points)

4. Have you secretly opened and read people’s mail? (add 2 points)

5. Have you secretly eavesdropped on people’s phone conversations? (add 2 points)

Time Magazine Bush6. Have you temporarily revoked founding freedoms because they endangered the homeland to terrorists? (add 4 points)

7. Have you used a campaign based on fear to try and make temporary laws permanent? (add 3 points)

8. Have you frequently imprisoned a particular Middle-Eastern ethnic group without specific charges or the right to fair trials? (add 8 points)

9. Have you marketed yourself as deeply religious, and have you called for a revival of Christian faith across the nation? (add 3 points)

Time Magazine You10. Have you appointed your corporate cronies to high government positions? (add 3 points)

11. Have you made corporations wealthy and rewarded society’s richest individuals through an ever-expanding war against terror? (add 5 points)

12. Have you claimed the right to strike another nation preemptively in self-defense? (add 6 points)

13. Have you actively promoted nationalism and questioned the patriotism of everyone who opposes you? (add 3 points)


40 or more points: You’re a full-blown dictator. Tell Congress you have the legal authority to do anything God tells you to do. Refuse to negotiate with the enemy; send more troops.

35 to 39 points: You’re almost a dictator. Stop apologizing, and write more Presidential Signing Statements.

25 to 34 points: You’re probably not at war yet. A new war would improve your poll numbers and dramatically excuse your abuse of executive power. What are you waiting for? Invade somebody, quick.

24 points or less: You probably still feel uncomfortable telling lies. Overcome this weakness by lying about intelligence reports and denying anything your science advisors tell you. With a little practice, you’ll be dominating your nation and raping the world in no time flat!

Lessons in Dictatorship

Watch Thom Hartmann: Parallels between the rise of fascism in the US and 1930s Germany.

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