Nero, Christians, and the Great Fire of Rome

10 False Flags that Changed the World: #10

10It was the night of July 19, 64 A.D., when the Great Fire burst through the rooftops of shops near the mass entertainment and chariot racing venue called Circus Maximus. The flames, whipped by a strong wind, rapidly engulfed densely populated areas of the city.

After burning uncontrolled for five days, 4 of the 14 Roman districts were burned to the ground, and seven more were severely damaged.

Nero: Fiddling While Rome Burned?

Nero might have been playing a kithara while Rome burned, but he wasn’t playing a fiddle. That’s because violins weren’t invented until around 1550.

Nero, probably the most infamous Roman emperor, was a great-grandson of Caesar Augustus.

When his mother’s husband (also her uncle, and Nero’s adopted father…) was murdered with poisoned mushrooms, Nero succeded to the throne.

NeroLike many kids in those days, he wanted to be a famous singer and a poet. His talent was poor, but as emperor, the empire doubled as captive audience.

His mother tried to control Nero, to the point of having intercourse with him. He tried to murder her by booking her on a ship that was designed to fall apart at sea. Unfortunately, his mom was a good swimmer. After she survived, he had a soldier kill her. This shocked the public, a little bit, but they got over it.


It was no secret that Nero wanted to build a series of palaces which he planned to name Neropolis.

But, the planned location was in the city. In order to build Neropolis, a third of Rome would have to be torn down. The senate rejected the idea.

ColosseumThen, coincidentally, the fire cleared the real estate Neropolis required.

Despite the obvious benefit, there’s still a good probability that Nero did NOT start the fire. Up to a hundred small fires regularly broke out in Rome each day. On top of that, the fire destroyed Nero’s own palace. It also appears that Nero did everything he could to stop the fire…

Nero’s Reaction to the Fire

Accounts of the day say that when Nero heard about the fire, he rushed back from Antium to organize a relief effort, using his own money. He opened his palaces to let in the homeless, and had food supplies delivered to the survivors.

Nero also devised a new urban development plan that would make Rome less vulnerable to fire. But, although he put in place rules to insure a safer reconstruction, he also gave himself a huge tract of city property with the intention of building his new palace there.

Fake Terror Gives Poll Numbers a Bump

People knew of Nero’s plans for Neropolis, and all his efforts to help the city could not counteract the rampant rumors that he’d help start the fire.

As his poll numbers dropped, Nero’s administration realized the need to employ False Flag 101: When something—anything—bad happens to you, even if it’s accidental, point the finger at your enemy.

Luckily, there was a strange new cult of religious nuts at hand. This cult was unpopular because they refused to worship the emperor, denounced possessions, held secret meetings, and they were always talking about the destruction of Rome and the end of the world.

Even more lucky for Nero, two of the cult’s biggest leaders—Peter and Paul—were currently in town.

MartyrSo, Nero spread word that the Christians had started the Great Fire. The citizens of Rome bought his lie hook, line, and sinker. Peter was crucified (upside down, at his own request) and Paul was beheaded. Hundreds of others in the young cult were fed to the lions, or smeared with tar and set on fire to become human street lamps.

Such is the fate of those unwittingly caught in a false flag operation.

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25 Responses to Nero, Christians, and the Great Fire of Rome

  1. Pete says:

    Amazing how things remain the same, instead of the fiddle, it’s sky boxes and exclusive golf clubs and trips paid for by big corporations. The politicians party on, as this country is slowly falling to its knees.

  2. Joe says:

    Pete: And just like in the past, the underdogs of freedom will find ingenious ways to restore balance, maybe with blogs instead of printed pamphlets entitled Common Sense, but when the tipping point is reached, the scales will tip nevertheless. Here, here!

  3. vegasbombshell says:

    People don’t realize that they are being duped and lied to. The focus remains to BUY BUY BUY. Until people stop and actually THINK for themselves, and stop watching tv, we will not get to the truth or be able to cause change.

  4. Pete says:

    Well we have three people that have jumped on the other side of the scale, see how many more have common sense and will join us.

  5. Pete says:

    Well there are three of us who are trying to tip those scales toward the center. But as long as Rosie and Donald have their feud our message falls on deaf ears.

  6. Joe says:

    Pete: That’s weird…my parents were visiting this morning, and Rosie and Donald came up. I asked what the heck was the Rosie/Donald conflict all about, because, although I keep seeing their names pop up in the headlines, I haven’t read any of the news stories, so I had no idea what was going on—just kept thinking the story would go away.

    Anyway, WHY does CNN have a headline about Rosie and Donald on their front page every other day? Do they just want something to lighten their mix of war news, or is there a valid reason I’m missing? I mean, the front page used to be hallowed territory for serious news or a legitimate human story. Now that a smackdown fest between to egos makes the front page as much as the war we’re in, the front page has really really really sold out…

  7. Joe says:

    vegasbombshell: There ARE a lot of people who don’t realize they’re being duped and lied to, but what astounds me even more is when people admit that they KNOW we’re being lied to, but no matter who gets elected, we’re still going to get duped and lied to, so why bother?

    I think that’s sad, and I think it annoys me so much because deep down, I probably believe that a little bit too…and I don’t like it one bit. Think I’m going to go watch some TV…NOT! :-)

  8. Pete says:

    What is even worse then not realizing your being duped, is doing what the party in power tells you. The new craze in Chicago is too deed your job to your kin. It started when congressman Lipinski retired in mid-term and had his son replace him, then an alderman gave his seat to his daughter, and the County Board President passed his on to his son, when he had a stroke. All three are unqualified but nary a peep from the public about it.

  9. Joe says:

    Dude, you gotta be kidding! This reminds me of the ultra rich that go to amusement parks and pay somebody to wait in line for them (well, before Disney parks got the Fast Pass lines set up, anyway…)

    I think I’ll pay a well-dressed, great speaking, great debating Republican to run for office, and then once they’re in, give them a million dollars to deed the office to moi! Only one problem…I need about 990,000 dollars ;-)

    Seriously, that Chicago is screwed up…

  10. PETE says:

    Screwed up, those two words don’t cover it. About five former alderman who were convicted and served time for taking bribes while in office are now running again in next months elections.

  11. BirdAdvocate says:

    I have heard it said the more things change the more they stay the same. Except for examples like this it would sound contradictory.

  12. Joe says:

    This is an excellent opportunity to drop in the following excerpts from two of the greatest sources of literature ever:

    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    ~Ecclesiastes 1:9

    If there be nothing new, but that which is
    Hath been before, how are our brains beguiled,
    Which, labouring for invention, bear amiss
    The second burden of a former child!
    O, that record could with a backward look,
    Even of five hundred courses of the sun,
    Show me your image in some antique book,
    Since mind at first in character was done!
    That I might see what the old world could say
    To this composed wonder of your frame;
    Whether we are mended, or whether better they,
    Or whether revolution be the same.
    O, sure I am, the wits of former days
    To subjects worse have given admiring praise.

    ~William Shakespeare

  13. PETE says:

    Now we have four, it is nice to know, there are a few sane people around. Now if we could find a few more, we could get those scales to tip toward sanity. Maybe there is hope.

  14. dan says:


  15. JoeC says:

    Dan: First, yeah, if “this” refers to YOUR comment, it is all “mest up.” I think it’s because when you’re typing, you’re holding your finger down on some of the keys… :-)

    Second, it’s NOT true that everybody knows Nero was an emperor. For instance, President Bush — odds are he doesn’t even know who Nero was.

    Third, for those who don’t know Nero was an emperor, that’s why I mentioned the fact in the article:
    “Nero, probably the most infamous Roman emperor, was a great-grandson of Caesar Augustus.”

    Fourth, What’s your point?

    Fifth, Thanks for stopping by and Have a great day! :-)

  16. kill yankee says:

    greetings and salutations!

    nero was a bill clinton type of fuhrer, rather than a george hit(oops) bush type……witness the attempt to ‘appear’ innocent, by helping the homeless,spending some of his own money etc……w, on the other hand would have been stuck in school trying to learn how to read,before blaming Saddam and invading a chunk of countries in a rendition of “THE DOMINO THEORY” that would have made the very hate filled heart of Joe McCarthy swell with pride and admiration.
    Having said that,i’m not sure that you can define this murderous action: a”false flag” op.This was not an OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL act against it’s own people/allied people THAT CAN BE BLAMED ON AN ESTABLISHED ENEMY.Nero lusted after an object he had been refused,and was simply prepared to murder some of his own people to get it……and that would usually,be enough to have defined as a “motherfucker”……tee-hee-hee:)
    Love and Peace,
    kill yankee,
    international slave

  17. JoeC says:

    Yeah, I agree this is not a pure false flag, and Pearl Harbor wasn’t either, and Northwoods never really got executed. But after starting a list of the pure false flags, I felt these needed to be included because most people (including my elementary history teachers…) don’t seem to know the other side of the stories.

    Love and peace back at you, and thanks for dropping by!

  18. I am not sure what to believe about Nero. Didn’t he have a lot of Jewish enemies?

  19. blondgirl says:

    I agree kill yankee.. And what do you think is the Biggest False Flag Flying Today?

  20. craig hill says:

    O how little we know when we think we’ve got it down. Discovery channel did a documentary on this that showed that the fires kept popping up in the Christian neighborhood till they swept the city. We know that the early Christians saw Rome as the great Satan and Nero as the 666 beast, and that the apocalypse would happen once Rome would die. For all the evil Nero encompassed, the Christians who wrote the history we think we know most likely set the fires to hasten the 2nd coming of Yeshua, who was to have appeared in the lifetime of that 2nd generation of Christians, as they told us clearly in their writings.

  21. Duncan says:

    There is another way folks:) Focus on humans. We can do it:)

    Reality Revealed

    The following ideas and concepts have the potential to radically change your world for the better. Every aspect of your life could be enhanced and every dream you have could become a reality.
    Every hope you’ve ever conceived,
    Every need you’ve ever known,
    Can easily be achieved

    Welcome to the growing group of people on this planet who want more from life…

    STAGE 1 – Understanding the physical world

    The world exists outside of our heads. It’s there to be analysed and understood. It’s not a hard task. The organic material between your ears, your brain, is more than capable of understanding the current world situation.

    You are connected.
    You are not alone.
    You are part of this world.
    You have the solution within you.
    The world needs you to do your part.
    You need you to do your part.

    You are connected to every one else on this planet. You may not feel it, but it’s a fact. A fact that can not be refuted, proved wrong, or even sensibly denied; and you’ll see why…

    Have you ever had a cup of tea? Do you drink coffee? If you’ve had any of these experiences, or you’re familiar with the concepts then the ideas below are going to make so much sense to you, and have such an impact on you and your life, that you’ll be asking why you’d never thought of it sooner and then you’ll be demanding that everyone begins to think it too.

    Imagine the cup of tea that you had this morning and the process of creating that cup of tea. You took a cup, you boiled some water and you took a tea bag and placed it in that cup or in a tea pot. Now, stop for a second to imagine what that tea bag is, what it means and what it represents.

    For that tea bag to exist at all, humans, no matter how far away or close to you, need to that have ploughed a field, planted tea bushes, tended tea bushes, nurtured them through their growth cycle, harvested the leaves, dried the leaves, packaged the leaves, transported the leaves and finally stacked the leaves in a shop where you could purchase them. You know all of these things to be undeniable and verifiable facts.

    You are connected to all of those humans in that chain of production as without them, you could have no tea bag. For you to have something as simple as a tea bag to put in a cup, to begin to make tea, there may have been thousands of humans involved. That Tea Bag is a result of their labours and their endeavours, no matter how unseen by you. The Tea Bag should have HumanityTM embossed on it. Those humans have lives, they exist. They have had a direct impact on your life as you are able to enjoy a cup of tea. You are connected to them. They are connected to you.

    For, if it was not for you, using their tea bag, the fruits of their labours, their lives would be dramatically different.

    And remember, that’s just the tea bag. Think about the kettle that you boiled the water in. Where did the water come from? And did you use gas or electricity to heat the water? Where did that energy supply come from? How many miles of pipes and pumps and wires had to be used? How many connected humans were involved?

    And this is all so that you can have a cup of tea! You can now see that you are part of the collective of humanity on this planet, you are not alone; welcome to the realisation.

    STAGE 2 – How we currently operate

    The collection of humanity on this planet, though highly efficient at getting you the basics like tea and coffee, is currently organised in a very self defeating way.

    You and I work for different companies. The companies that we work for may very well be in competition. Companies are only there to make a profit for the company. That is their role. That is their reason for existing. Someone had an idea to make money, and they started a business. All very well as far as it goes. However, now, at this period in our history, the idea of individual companies, working alone to produce the “next big thing”, is something that is holding you and I back from realising our full potential. That is, full potential of the productive capabilities of humans, of humanity, on this planet are being squandered by competition and the profit motive.

    Again, this is very easy to demonstrate and again, it’s undeniable.

    For example, take two competing drugs companies; you work for one and I work for the other one. Both companies are in business to make a profit and as such they are pouring millions of dollars into research and development to find the next big cure for blindness, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, paralysis, HIV, or pick an ailment or condition that’s close to your heart.

    We know that the humans that make up the work force of these companies are members of the collective of humanity that brought us the humble tea bag. So we know that each member of that collective would benefit from a break through in any new treatment; you and I included. ¬¬

    So let us assume that the solution that both of these companies are working on will take 10 years to develop. Now what if, after 5 years, the company that you’re working for has half of the solution and the company that I’m working for has the other half of the solution? As a collective, as humanity, we have the whole solution. You know half of it, and I know half of it. So, in theory, we could actually bring it to the other members of the human collective directly. That is after 5 years, not 10. We could half the time that it currently takes to share the break through, as we have all the pieces.

    That is, we have done all the work we need to do as both halves of the solution are now known. However, given the fact that we are working for companies that are in competition, for greater and greater profits, the solution will not flow to the members of the global society as no one company owns the whole solution. In theory it will take each company another 5 years to fully understand the solution thus any benefits for humanity are delayed by that time. Even then the companies will only release a product if they can realise a profit from it.

    We have just worked out how, with this one example, capitalism is not best suited to the needs of you and I and humanity. In case you think this is just a one off, let us examine the case of mobile phones and competition within that sector…

    Mobile phones, at least in the UK, are used for 3 main tasks; sending text messages, making phone calls and sending multi media messages such as pictures and sound files.

    You are more than aware of these functions and I dare say you’ve used at least one of them and if not, you know people that have. Now, in the UK there is competition, again, from Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone etc, etc. Each of these providers may erect separate radio masts to build their coverage foot print. So potentially we could have 4 or more different masts covering the same geographical area because each of the operators wants coverage in that particular area, of course. That’s competition.

    No matter which provider you choose to be your mobile phone carrier the service you get at the end will be very much the same from one to the other. You’ll be able to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages etc. The major criteria that you’ll have used in your decision will be how many minutes and text messages you get for your monthly outlay.

    So instead of distributing mobile phone capabilities to each geographical area once, we, as an unconscious act of the collective and as a direct result of competition and the profit motive of Orange, O2, T-Mobile etc, have actually rolled out enough radio masts, computers, switches and cables to cover each geographical area 4 or more times. However, if we had, as a collective, been working towards providing for the collective, instead of working within competing companies, we could have covered the UK 4 times over in the time that it took us to do it once. We all could have had the benefits of mobile communications sooner than we actually did.

    At this stage in our human development we are holding back the potential of humanity on this planet by organising in competing companies. We are holding ourselves back from achieving. We are wasting time. We are squandering our resources. We are distracting ourselves from our full potential.

    The current system discards and overlooks a huge number of humans on this planet as they have no practical benefit to the current system; capitalism.

    If you condone the current organisational method, in light of this logical evidence, then you are part of the problem. The world needs you to rethink, and understand that a shift in emphasis from working for competing companies and their profit motive to actually working for humanity would bring untold freedoms and benefits to you, your family, your friends, your loved ones and your neighbours.

    You are part of the solution if you take these concepts forward. Tell more people about them. Spread them around. Your future depends on it.

    STAGE 3 – Imagine The Future

    So now we’ve discussed the idea of the collective and of humanity wasting time it’s time to consider what it could mean for us to organise ourselves differently.

    Imagine a place and time when all of our endeavours as humans are used for our benefit. No more working for some company’s profit. No more distractions from the needs of humans. No more impediments to you getting exactly what you want from this life. No more antagonism amongst humans. An understanding that each human, if they play their part in the collective, can reap any and all of the rewards of that collective.

    Imagine the number of people we can also bring into the system to work towards the goals of the collective. All those people that are currently disregarded by the system; the countless millions in “under-developed” [have you ever asked yourself why?] countries.

    With all of these extra resources, we can half the working week or even make it two days long or so. Who knows how we will decide to organise the massive resource on this planet that is the collective community of humanity.

    And no enlightened community of humanity would ever decide to make any decision that did not best fit the needs of the community as that would be akin to suicide. Only the best decisions for the collective would be made. Think what that would mean for governmental organisations? Would we require them? Maybe we’d need some form of “commodity request list” or “goals list” that we could all view and prioritise, with the most obviously important goals being raised to the top of the list with ease. How about eradicating famine, poverty, diseases, war, global pollution etc? What about planting trees to form lungs for the planet? What about designing technology that can clean the atmosphere?

    If we organise ourselves with us as the priority then all the material items that we struggle to collect just now such as houses, cars, gadgets, and even just the basics of food and water will flow to us as a logical consequence. Far from compromising or goals and our desires, by organising for humans, we can achieve them all! And more importantly we can bring the endeavours of every human on the plant to bear for our well being. Each human who is cast aside by the current system of capitalist production and its insatiable drive for greater and greater profits will be brought into the global collection of working productive humanity and they will be able to influence and bolster that global community. Hence, all of our lives become infinitely better and immeasurably easier.

    The solution needs you. It needs everyone you know. So how big is this task? Can we do it? Well, the maths says we can.

    The population of this earth is somewhere in the region of 6,700,000,000 (6.7 Billion or 6.7 Thousand million). So that makes any effort you make alone, as an “individual”, equivalent to 1/6.7 Billionth of the effort needed to realise all of your hopes and dreams.

    However, if in the first instance, you can tell just 10 people, of this way of thinking, and they feel as passionately as you do about it, and they set themselves the same goal of just telling 10 people, then the numbers soon become very large indeed;

    1 – 10 – 100 – 1,000 – 10,000 – 100,000 – 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 – 100,000,000, 1,000,000,000 – THE WORLD

    Just 10 iterations! That is, just 10 times the process of telling 10 people and the whole world would know! So the chain that you start, by telling 10 people about these ideas and about your passion for them, will only have to be repeated 10 times and we can all share in the understandings!

    You have the solution within you. The world needs you to do your part.
    You need you to do your part.

    When you know how it works; it’s easy to change the world!

  22. JoeC says:

    Thanks for the insightful comment, Duncan. You’ve touched on a lot of good information, and I’m on your side, but the cynical part of me doesn’t think you can ever get the whole world moving in the same direction (and it might be too boring if we all did, to some extent.) I think there are a lot of well-to-do people who really don’t want everybody else to have an abundant life. Seriously. If Santa Claus appeared tomorrow and announced that everybody in the third world had just received a McMansion and a Jaguar in the garage, there would be some pissed-off elite people, because they want to be on top, and that means somebody has to be on bottom. So, ultimately, although most would deny it, I think a lot of the elite really don’t want a wonderful world. They want most of the world suffering more than they are because it makes their somewhat miserable unfulfilling life seem better in comparison. Not all elites are that way, but a lot of them when you get right down to the crux of the matter. And so, I think that needs to be weighed into the equation too when talking about how capitalism hasn’t fulfilled its promise…a lot of that has to do with some powerful folks not exactly wanting it to fulfill its promise to everybody.

    Thanks for the great comment…really got me thinking.

  23. sweettina2 says:

    The New World Order is here but patriots all over this country/world are fighting back. Its not a matter of awakening, just open your eyes and look around.

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  25. Dewey says:

    Very nice article. I certainly love this site. Keep it up!

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