10 False Flags that Changed the World

Flags of the WorldAt it’s simplest, the term false flag means pretending to be the enemy.

The name comes from ships and armies that, in previous centuries, deceived their foes by displaying another country’s flag.

These days, false flag activities are much more sophisticated…and debauched. These aren’t your granddaddy’s covert operations.

Fake Terror, Deception, and Disgrace

The most commonly known false flag operations consist of an intelligence agency staging a terror attack such that an uninvolved entity gets blamed for the carnage.

Another type of false flag operation might consist of directing purposefully belligerent and trigger-happy clandestine demonstrators to mingle with peace activists in order to disrupt and discredit a passive protest event.

Yet another type of false flag activity consists of infiltrating the opposition, then making easily disproved claims which will embarrass and undermine the credibility of the organization.

An Ignorant Public Enables False Flags

Benjamin FranklinWhen the Constitutional Convention closed in 1787, a lady asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy?”

Franklin replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Why did our forefathers think the Republic would be so hard to keep?

What foreign threat did they envisage as the United States’ most deadly enemy? Actually, the founding fathers believed one of our biggest enemies would rise from within: apathetic ignorance.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

One hundred and forty-five years later, President Eisenhower echoed Jefferson’s fear when he left office in 1961:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Endless War

Unfortunately, security and liberty were nearing death in the greedy clutch of corporate fascism by the time Eisenhower spoke those words. The world’s largest industrial military machine already needed unending war to feed the nation’s economy, and line the pockets of the war profiteers.

False flag operations, with healthy doses of propaganda and ignorance, provided a great recipe for endless war.

Smedley Butler

Two-time Medal of Honor recipient Major General Smedley Butler explains the situation better than I can. From his book, War is a Racket:

I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.

False Flag Greatest Hits

And that’s where we stand today…much of the population still apathetically ignorant, if not from lack of desire to educate themselves, then by state secrets privilege and a main stream media that buries truth beneath an avalanche of corporate-advertiser-approved garbage. But as the pendulum swings out of control, the population does seem to be waking up.

So, while the world impotently waits for the next false flag…one that will likely have the remaining uninformed masses proposing a nuclear attack on Iran, let’s reminisce and countdown 10 False Flags that Changed the World. Number 10 on the list is…

Go to the next article in the series: Nero, Christians, and the Great Fire of Rome.

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51 Responses to 10 False Flags that Changed the World

  1. PETE says:

    It’s ok to start a war with Iraq, North Korea, or even a third world war. Let the big corporations dictate domestic and foreign policy. Let our owen economy go down the drain. But by golly don’t let those gays marry. As long as the bible thumpers have a vote, I am afraid we have a long uphill battle against a formidable enemy.

  2. Joe says:

    Pete: Yeah, the hypocrisy is thick, isn’t it. Just like the neocons cherry-pick their intelligence, they cherry-pick the Bible to say whatever their agenda wants it to say, be it to uphold slavery (1800s) or to greenlight genocide (1900s).

    The Bible is an amazing work…it’s like an extraordinary mirror, and people can find deep truth in it, but they should realize that some of that deep truth is the truth about themselves…approach it with exclusion and hate in your heart, and that’s what gets amplified. That Jesus was a dissenter who preached unconditional love and inclusion seems to get overlooked.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why not put together the TOP TEN FF ops on a SINGLE PAGE????

  4. JoeC says:

    Good suggestion…just added a page with all top 10 links under Must Read section in the sidebar. You can also get to it here: 10 False Flags that Changed the World. Maybe with a some elaboration and some reediting, there’s an ebook in there somewhere in the future…

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Lu Cifer says:

    It’s really sad how most mainstream media (liberal media? my ASS!) are such good little gate keeps for what really goes on. Other than Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes and a handful of others, who DARES to question that 9/11 was anything but the official lie?! OH BUT ANNA NICOLE’S COFFIN IS BEING LOWERED! AND SOME NITWIT FROM SOME CRAP REALITY TV SHOW IS GOING TO REHAB! THAT’s what passes for real news!? The Press is THE ONLY type of business mentioned ANYWHERE in the Consititution (ya know, that “god damned piece of paper” that President Bush (sic) doesn’t want thrown in his face) and it was put in their for a REASON. The Founders knew damn good and well that it was essencially a 4th branch of government that MUST act to keep the people informed. Well, one has to wonder why Rupert Murdoch (not even an American!) would spend $100 MILLION A YEAR, FOR 5 YEARS (yes, that comes to HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!) to keep Fox “News” on the air until it made a profit. Sickening that someone spent THAT much money to spread lies, hate & misinformation, instead of on the homeless, poor, mentally ill, etc. Well, hopefully at the very least, there’ll be a few of these Bush Crime Family sacks of crap that’ll go to jail. But the way these bastards are going, Chuckle Nuts & Darth Cheney had better hope they can make it to his new digs in Paraguay, like all the other Nazis before him did, cuz the masses are pissed and are ready to surround 1600 PA Ave. with torches and pitchforks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cyclops_Arse_Picker says:

    Good article but please don’t quote Jesus as if he is a historical figure – he is not; there isn’t a shred of reliable evidence that suggests so. So it should read “the alleged Jesus.” If you are going to use historical facts, logic and reason in your discussion of Falsle Flag events, to maintian any credibility you must do so when talking about mythical god-heads like Mithra, Zues, Ra, Jesus etc. So enough already with the counter-factual-belief peddling.

  7. JoeC says:

    Cyclops: I’m not arguing the case for or against evidence that historical Jesus existed (I tend to think he did, with a lot of Mithra piled onto his legend later…but I can equally understand why people look at the evidence, or lack of, and choose to think the guy was a total fable, too.) Anyway, regardless, I do believe in the wisdom of his sayings, and I think wisdom is worth mentioning when it applies. I wouldn’t hesitate to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi or Huck Finn, either, if something they “said” applied, because whether or not they were real historically, they’re real personalities in a lot of people’s hearts and minds, including my own.

    But above all I do agree it’s ok to disagree as long as it doesn’t involve invading another country and killing people ;-) Thanks for the input!

  8. Dennis Brydon says:

    Thank God for Jesus!

    He’s the only one that will get us out of this mess. If he doesn’t return soon no one would be left alive, MATTHEW 24:21-22. But God the Father is faihful and will bring this good news to past. Then all the evil doers will have their day in hell if they still will not repent of their evilness, Revelations 20:12-15.


  9. Bill Moore says:

    Keep your esus crap to yourself, if you choose to show your ignorance then find another avenue to do it !!

  10. FreeSlave says:

    Wanna get shocked? Read 2Thess2:9-11. 911 was put in place by God through the designs of the enemy because we traded Him in a long time ago for earthly things and lies. Gods plan to destroy evil is built into its own destruction. But those who love the truth will come out of the dillusion, knowing the true Master’s voice through those who posess the truth like us. Wanna see something else shocking? Using this principle of God using evil’s own numerology, symbology and designs against it, with the eyes of a child look at the very number as its commonly written – 911. But when the official story collapses under the light of truth, visually let the 9 fall sideways to the left – and you have what looks like a key. A key can do two things – evil’s use – to lock you into a prison of false reality, or God’s use – to free you from it and unlock the hidden mystery of iniquity and to free others, truly entering the kingdom (Mat6:22,23). Check this out. You know about Prescott Bush, Bush 41 and W. Bush all patriarchs of Skull & Bones at Yale, right? It was founded in 1832 by German agents as like a US branch of Thule society that spawned the Nazis. Look up where Bush 41 & 43 get their names and imagine why. Now at Skull and Bones, its padlocked from the outside so the bonesmen of the Brotherhood of Death need a SKELETON KEY to enter. The symbol of this satanic order is the skull and bones with a ’322′ under it. In the bible – the mirror of truth, check out 2Thess2:3 – the reverse number in the only book of the bible with 13 letters in the title. Find out what 13 means to the occultic world and on the 1 dollar bill along with all the other meanings there. (watch One dollar Talisman online from an occult magick site). All this is well foretold in rev.17:8. All the passages are in the bible of everything specifically about 911, what time it is, the returned beast, the towers – Isaiah 30: 19 – 21, 23 – 26.
    How about Silverstein’s “pull it” of Bldg. 7?- right here (Luke 12: 13 – 21). So, its hard to discard the fact that this is the only book that can prophecy everything thats happening and somehow try to say Jesus was a myth. Foolish, foolish. I could go on and on, passage after passage of all that has been unlocked to me by Jesus giving me the key. Ifya want more, email me at plowtrain@hotmail.com

  11. John Williams says:

    Do you really want to involve Jesus in 911. Jesus told me not to be stupid and believe any crap the government tells me. This government killed more humans than Hitler could have dreamed. America is the land of freedom that was hijacked by this government. Let us remember we can can pull the 911 card so many times before the world start to get sick and tired of us. We can see the effect clearly, even Britain is pulling its troops out while our stupid president still wanting to dump more troops in stupid Iraq. We are smarter than this George, we are not stupid. America will find the truth about what happened in 911 just for the sake of the people who were victimised by you and your lack of interest in finding the truth.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Keep focused on the issues everybody get America back!

  13. E-mo says:

    Cheers. Technically, Pearl Harbor is not an FFO. Don’t know what the correct terminology is, but it goes something like this: inflame your enemy by any means, so ruthlessly that they have NO CHOICE but to attack. Provide them with an easy, unsuspecting target and…PRESTO: instant wartime economy. Lincoln did this with Ft. Sumter, and I’m sure the astute historian can find many more examples.–JM$0.02

  14. JoeC says:

    E-mo: Yeah, I’ve been hammered a LOT about Pearl Harbor being on the list, as well as Operation Northwoods because it was never actually carried out. I agree, Pearl Harbor wasn’t a false flag, because it looked like the Japanese attacked the U.S., and…no surprise, it WAS the Japanese who attacked.

    I guess I just really wanted to tell the story of how the U.S. administration wanted the attack to happen and how they worked to make it happen, then let it happen. It was sort of like slapping a nest of hornets and then acting surprised when they stung. And that story fits so well with the other stories, that I went ahead and shoehorned it in the list.

    Now, I’m about to do something neither President G.W. Bush or Hillary Clinton can do….apologize! ;-)

    I apologize for the misclassification of Pearl Harbor as a false flag.

    Whew! That’s a load off my conscience.

    Hey, thanks for dropping by. Great comments. I think you’re shorting yourself….your $0.02 is worth a lot more, I dunno…it’s at least up in the whole dollars, though.


  15. steve says:

    Well, I just blew the whole afternoon reading your quite excellent and well written False Flag series. Don’t even know how I found it. Although you’ve apologized for including it, I think Pearl Harbor qualifies quite nicely as a False Flag operation.

    While we’re on the subject-

    Here are a couple more candidates for False Flag Operations Hall of Fame:

    Operation Gladio:

    7/7 London Bombings:

  16. JoeC says:

    Thanks, Steve. I thought long and hard about including 7/7 London, but Alex Jones had just covered it so well in his Terrorstorm documentary, I supplanted it with another in the top 10 list.

    I really didn’t know much about Gladio until I’d finished the series and started hearing about it from others (and thanks for the link you sent…)

    Both of these deserve future posts, and I’ll include them at the bottom of the “top 10 list” page as addons when they’re done.

    Thanks for dropping in!

  17. wudidiz says:

    Interesting site – Thank You. I am noticing that if I keep an open mind, ideas from all areas of knowledge can be compatible. For instance, I can start to notice correlations between the Bible, Greek mythology, UFO’s, Crop circles, Freemasons, Illuminati, Anunaki, Nephilum, Numerology, etc. Intrigued by the endless amount of information, the mysteries of the Universe are discovered as it unravels and I am realizing more of what Samuel Clemens meant when he said: “Don’t let you’re education get in the way of your schooling.” Combining this knowledge with prayer and we can progress towards Freedom armed with the Truth. All the best, and thank you again.

  18. JoeC says:

    wudidiz: it’s an infinitely interesting world. Thanks for the comments, and drop back in when you get a chance on your journey!

  19. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

  20. a ring of truthiness says:

    Yeah, you’re a kook, alright!

  21. a ring of truthiness says:

    RE the Japanese Hawaiian Operation, you should review IDN document analysis and interviews with the Japanese involved. That should get you started.

    Next, review US Navy command structure, and Roosevelt’s alleged involvement in day to day activities.

    Then review signals intercept programs in their entirety, and not just the cherrypicked stuff you’ve put here.

    That should get you started on your de-paranoia process. Good luck.

  22. JoeC says:

    a ring of truthiness: Thanks for the “kook” comment; in a world of unthinking lemmings, I take that as a bigger compliment than you can imagine.

    But, instead of spouting a bunch of gobbledygook about “IDN document analysis” and “Navy command structure,” I’d appreciate some FACTS with links to reputable information. Tell me, what DOES IDN document analysis have to do with Pearl Harbor? What about Roosevelt’s day-to-day activities refute his knowledge and desire for the coming attack?

    I’m not paranoid…I just have an open mind. On the other hand, if it makes you feel safer, keep drinking the “official” Kool-Aid.

  23. a ring of truthiness says:

    Well, “IJN” document analysis would allow you to understand Japanese radio transmission protocol during the Hawaiian Operation, which should serve to dispel some of your paranoia regarding what we did and did now know during their transit to the area in late 1941. Interviews with the folks actually involved, rather than reliance on your own paranoid fantasies, would be a further help to your de-paranoia effort.

    If I have to answer your weird question as to what this has to do with Pearl Harbor, then you’re further gone than I imagined. And that’s really saying something!

    And if I have to point you to “links” and “facts” re the Hawaiian Operation, then obviously you’re a paranoid kook incapable of pointing YOURSELF to reality.

    However, I’d suggest Gordon W. Prange’s work, as a start, if you’re too helpless to Google that up yourself.

    Roosevelt or any other politician can have any “desire” he wants, as you might know, since desires aren’t conspiracies. However, you’ve postulated a conspiracy, and you haven’t supported it. In order to do so, you’ll need to reveiw his involvement with day to day operations, particularly if you’ve attributed day to day tactical fleet aircraft carrier movements directly to Roosevelt in late 1941, as you have.

    You’re not open minded, you’re a kook!

  24. JoeC says:

    a ring of truthiness: I welcome discussion and differing opinions, but all future posts referring to anybody who posts here as a kook will be deleted. As far as I know, nobody here is a kook…the kooks are a fairly good band coming out of the UK, and if you want to call somebody a kook, I suggest you get yourself over to http://www.thekooks.co.uk and blast away.

    I’d also like to point out this: The Top Secret Report of Army Pearl Harbor Board sent on October 20, 1944, to the U.S. Secretary of War (back then we didn’t lie about it and call it Secretary of Defense…)

    The report concludes:

    There, therefore, can be no question that between the dates of December 4 and December 6, the imminence of war on the following Saturday and Sunday, December 6 and 7, was clear-cut and definite.

    Up to the morning of December 7, 1941, everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States except the final message instructing the Japanese Embassy to present the 14th part together with the preceding 13 parts of the long message at one o’clock on December 7, or the very hour and minute when bombs were falling on Pearl Harbor.

    More than one person in Washington knew the attack was coming. More than one person in Washington sat on the information and let the base take the hit. That’s verifiable by the U.S. Government’s own records, and in my dictionary, that constitutes a conspiracy. Was the attack worse than they thought it would be? Yeah, probably. But Roosevelt did want war, and he followed every move he could to get it.

  25. Xman says:

    Way to kick over the koolaid stand, Joe.

  26. a ring of truthiness says:

    Hmmmm, first you THANK me for calling you a kook, and call it a “compliment”, but now suddenly you’re ANGRY about it. Are you schizophrenic as well as being a kook?

    No matter, let me attempt some additional de-paranoiaization with you.

    Again, you’ve cherry-picked and misrepresented one set of ambiguous statements, this time from the Army Board investigation, and ignored the preponderance of data on this topic. The Army Board investigation was limited in scope as you should know, since the war was still underway. Much of it’s conclusion were thus modified as additional information came to light. The statements you’ve cherry-picked are either mistaken or taken out of context, and are shown as such in later investigations.

    Per the Judge Advocate General re the first Army Board statement you referenced: “The evidence does not seem to justify any such conclusion. There was not received between the dates of 4 December and 6 December any information which indicated that war would take place on Saturday or Sunday, 6 and 7 December.”

    Per the Judge Advocate General re the second Army Board statement you referenced, “This statement is ambiguous but if it implies that it was known that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, this is not the fact. There is no justification in the evidence for such a statement.”

    Historians have looked at this ever since, and haven’t uncovered data that would disprove the Judge Advocate’s statements. But if you’ve suddenly uncovered this information, we’re all ears.

    All of the 8 or so investigations performed after the Pearl Harbor disaster are important, including the Army Board review, but none as important as the Joint Congressional investigation, the last and most comprehensive performed. Much of their actual report is drivel, like most politicians’ handiwork, but the body of data assembled is comprehensive, useful by historians ever since, and nowhere in this body of data are your conspiracy allegations supported.

    Your argument is not with me… it is with that data. You must support your paranoid accusations… and so far you haven’t. And believe me, many kooks such as yourself have tried over the decades. They’ve all failed. The data is immutable, and the kooks haven’t provided anything to contradict it.

    Roosevelt’s then political opposition dealt harshly with his role in the runup to Pearl Harbor (as well they should have, and if your arguments were limited to only Roosevelt’s incompetence before and during the war, then I’d be your welcome ally), but they never accused him of baiting the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, nor of covering up knowledge of any attack beforehand. And trust me, they would have, if they had such information. Politics then was no different than politics today.

    Roosevelt had many “desires”, perhaps war chief among them in that era, but conspiracy is quite another matter.

    And you self-identify yourself as a kook, big guy, nobody else is part of that calculus besides you. If you don’t want to be known as a kook, then don’t be kooky. Deal with facts and data and you’ll be fine, but deal with the kookiness that is preponderant with the types I see commenting on this site, and you’ll be in orbit with the kooks. Delete away, but that just isolates you even further out there with the kooks.

    To summarize, you must provide DATA (that ugly word again) that firmly supports your allegation. Sorry if you find this offensive, and that we historians scorn your conspiracy kookiness, but we view all data, and have little use for paranoid, uninformed rants such as you’ve presented here.

  27. a ring of truthiness says:

    And again, for those interested in pulling themselves out of the fever swamps of kookiness, I’d recomment Mr. Prange’s work. It will require diligence of you, of course, and that’s not quite as exciting as casting conspiracy rants about, but you’ll come away educated on the topic, of which you are in desperate need.

  28. Xman says:

    Ring, Ring, Ring…
    You poor sad self described egghead. Don’t you know what they say about assumptions?
    What makes you think we don’t know who gordon is? Additionally, what makes you think he is the only and the last word on the subject?

    Sadly, a large part of our population mistakes knowledge for intelligence. You seem to fall in the former category. Intelligence, My dear Ring, is knowing how to evaluate knowledge.

    The average American has a vocabulary of 600 words. The worlds top trained african grey parrot knows 900 words. But, he makes little use of his knowledge.

    The people on this site don’t swear allegiance to any personality or personality cult…and seek to fit knowledge around that cult.

    Truely intelligent people don’t walk into a bar and start calling people kooks.

  29. a ring of truthiness says:

    Hmmmmm, so the average American is stupid, and you’ve heard of “gordon”, that it?

    Again, kooks self-identify… generally by their blind allegiance to conspiracy rants rather than hard data… as in here for example. Funny that you’ve precisely described the kook methodology, in that 2nd last paragraph.

    We’re open to facts, if you can ever provide any, that haven’t been debunked long ago. Waiting…..

  30. a ring of truthiness says:

    And again, re this subject, Gordon Prange is a must for you types. I like your (somewhat kooky) passion, but it must be properly informed in order to be useful as anything other than paranoid rant. Get read, I suggest.

  31. JoeC says:

    Gordon Prange died in 1980. The McCollum_memo wasn’t declassified until 1994. I think that Gordon, however smart, was not properly informed himself.

    What’s your take on the McCollum memo to Roosevelt? It does outline a series of steps to get Japan to commit an overt act of war, that an overt act of war is desired, and then Roosevelt followed every recomendation…

  32. a ring of truthiness says:

    The gist of McCollum’s memo was US policy of that era, and the actions were all well known and available in the newspapapers, even if the executive didn’t disclose the means by which they arrived at those decisions.

    Japan’s military-influenced government was advancing their national interests, and aligning themselves with the enemies of the US’ historical allies, (illegitimately?) taking territory in the East that was considered threatening to US’ and allies’ interests, and the US government responded accordingly. I may or may not agree with these actions, and I particularly disagree with the TIMING of some of these actions, but they are well in-line with many actions taken in the national interest… and certainly nothing arrived at by “conspiracy”.

    Read over McCollum’s 8 final points of action, and tell me where, if anywhere, they are in conflict with the US’ stated foreign policy of that era… the policy of our body politic as a WHOLE… not just FDR and a band of conspiracists. And please understand that a firm embargo is an act of war, and the US executed a firm embargo… supported by our body politic. Remember, Germany was executing total war on GB, and this had reached the American public’s cosciousness… as had the tri-partite pact. FDR was a creature who LAGGED public opinoin… he never lead it with anyting more than blather… he took action only AFTER opinion was there already (not saying that’s good… just pointing out reality). The US backed those 8 actions, both in that present day and historically.

    Would these actions ultimately move Japan to war against the US? Probably, but again this was known by our body politic… and the public too. And they were preceded by clear communications to the Japanese that their aggressive actions were unacceptable to the then body politic, even as they were also accompanied by foolishness, and poor timing. Marshall BEGGED Roosevelt to delay the “final” communiques… not that this would have put off Tojo and Company, as I believe they would have inititiated war on the historical timing even absent FDR’s final answers to them… and indeed the table was set for war as we know.

    But this is all just the dirty business of politics. The allegations you’ve made go well-beyond that dirty business, and you haven’t supported them. Prange may be dead for many years, but apparently all the members of this massive conspiracy musta all died with him, because nobody’s talking before or since his death, who might give weight to your conspiracy theories.

    The US, FDR and our body politic were going to support our historical allies, same as always. If the Japanese had backed down, there would have been no war. But they didn’t, and there was, and the mad scramble to avoid political fallout began, and continues to this day, similar to 911 as we see.

    And again, to channel it down even further, the stupidity and clumsiness of a gaggle of politicians and military types doesn’t translate into a conspiracy knowledgeable of the Hawaiian Operation beforehand. They knew they’d be hit somewhere, eventually, no doubt about that, but it doesn’t go any further than that, not by the data presented to this point.

    As always, we remain open to additional data, should it arise.

  33. Xman says:

    Ring, you partly got it. But you missed that the second to last paragraph was for you.
    On second thought, if you walked into my bar, we might not bust a knuckle on you, but we would “pants” you and toss you out the door.

  34. a ring of truthiness says:

    Yes, you belong with the bar crowd for sure, fertile ground for your kookiness.

  35. Xman says:

    Yup. I figured you’d run.

  36. a ring of truthiness says:

    Hmmmmm, “run”, is it?

    Well hopefully, you’re at least getting all the kookiness you seem to want out of life, anyways.

  37. AFTF says:

    Jesus threw out the money changers aka Tax collectors out of them temple, and this was the only time Jesus used his power to hurt anybody but this fact never gets.

    Watch The Money Masters & Terrorstorm

  38. JoeC says:

    AFTF: I’ve seen (and highly recommend) Terrorstorm…real eye opener, especially about the London 7/7 attacks. I’ll check out The Money Masters…


  39. Guy Fawkes says:

    I’m sorry you’ve missed out one of the biggest false flags in history. November 5th 1605, Guy Fawkes was set up by the Earl of Salisbury and the war party to blow up Parliment and King James (of King James bible fame – so no small fish). This event was the FOUNDATION STONE of the BRITISH EMPIRE, which was the largest empire ever built, and probably still in existance (in a different form) today.

    I would say that was significant. Remember, remember the 5th of November, gun powder and plot.

    Guy Fawkes.

  40. Benjamin says:

    In order to execute a false flag, a false enemy must be created. Creating a false enemy works because it evokes the instinctual fight or flight syndrome. The brain simply cannot resist becoming aroused when confronted with a possible enemy.

    The two main types of false enemies are false internal opponents, such as negative campaigning such as McCarthyism, and false external opponents, such as communism and the second Iraq war.

    While communism and Iraq were true problems, both were trumped up enormously to serve the role of a false enemy. False enemies are also known as scapegoats. They can also be used to divert the public’s attention from more important issues. Name-calling is one technique used to create a false enemy, but the biggest is fallacious arguments, better known as lies.

    “Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.” – Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger, 1910.

  41. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  42. Kenny says:

    My repost of your excellent article has received several thousand hits the last couple of days.
    All credit to you and I hope it also increased your readership through the links.
    Looking forward to more.

    best regards,

  43. JoeC says:

    Kenny: Thanks for sharing the articles, and for the good words!

  44. masomakali says:

    I am thankful for this site, a lot of prople, including myself, have been talking about a lot of these topics that you hve here, but most of the time when you try to educate other people about these subjects most of them just look at you like you are crazy or something. One thing is true, with knowledge comes responsibility to spread that knowledge to others to awaken the masses, but you have some people that wish to stay un-knowledgable, so that they don’t have to be responsible. What sadness it is that they don’t even care about the future of the off springs future to be responsible enough now, thus leaving them in an ill fated state of illusioness content. Dummies

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