Revelations from Near-Death Experience

Meditation by Carol Buchman For a moment, forget all the ancient scriptures transferred orally, then written in archaic languages, then mistranslated and misunderstood for thousands of years.

Forget the New Age shelf at the chain bookstore filled with channelled wisdom from archangels and spiritual helpers.

Forget the human priests that have used religion as an excuse to charge Galileo with heresy, spark crusades, call for jihad, rob, rape, abuse, plunder, and exploit.

For a moment, look at the first-hand revelations from people who have died, conversed with the infinite, and returned.

Scientific Evidence of Soul Survival

Despite there being non-survival explanations for some Near Death Experiences (NDEs), there are many cases that, after applying Occam’s razor, suggest a person’s unique self-aware essense survives physical death.

Some of the best evidence comes from people who have NDEs while they are brain dead, people born blind who can see during an NDE, and the corroborating testimony of small children who have NDEs.

So what did the people who had these NDEs discover?

Life Facilitates Rapid Learning

The spirit world may be our classroom, but the physical world is our lab. Call it soul growth. Here, we can more clearly experience cause and effect and practice what we’ve learned.

It’s easy to express love instead of hate in the spirit world where all is known. However, feeling love for a teenager who just cut us off in traffic lets us practice what we’ve learned. Physical life gives us truth practice and experience.

Life Is an Adventure
For the same reason people love video games and roller coasters, souls love to incarnate in the physical world. It’s the perfect mix of entertainment and risk.

Think of life like a novel. Some people prefer soap operas, some people prefer war stories, and others prefer Stephen King nightmares.

Editors who know good stories know they always involve conflict, so…whichever life story a person chooses to live out, there will more than likely be conflict. Conflict makes a good story—and a good life adventure—exciting.

Roller Coaster
People Choose Their Journey

Another revelation NDE experiencers often discover is that, before they were born, they chose their overall life journey. With help from spiritual masters, their current lives were meticulously planned for the lessons that would best benefit their soul’s growth. The perfect parents, birthplace, accidents, relationships, triumphs, and disasters were chosen to facilitate these lessons.

Some have likened the chosen life journey to a river—although the course of the river is set, the path a drop of water takes down the river can vary wildly. It may spend more time than needed in a whirlpool, float along in the shade of a leaf, travel fast through the rapids, travel along the slimy bottom, or skim down the river in the sun near the surface. Although the major course is mapped out, a person’s attitude, reactions, and choices define the journey.

Time Only Exists in the Physical World
Time Past, present, and future all exist simultaneously outside the physical world. Again, it’s like a book. When you hold a book, you can hold the complete story in your hands. But when you dive in and start reading the book, you experience past and future. Even if you already knew the story, reading a good book is worthwhile.

According to NDE experiencers, space and time are only part of the physical world, and were created for our learning and enjoyment. Without time, there’d be no learning patience, practicing perseverence, or reveling in anticipation of the future. After all, half the fun of celebrating Christmas is having to wait for it to get here!

Everyone and Everything Is God

The universe is God’s dream. God is light and energy. Light and energy make up every particle (E=mc2). Everything that is IS a subset of God, Yahweh, I AM. God is the largest superset of everything that is. A person’s individual experience is a subset of God’s experience. God is a superset of all experience, and all matter, and thereby contains all knowledge. At least, that’s what they say…

There are many more revelations from NDE experiences. Kevin Williams has done a great job of organizing more NDE information at his site here: Near-death Experiences.

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