UFO Parks Over Downtown Los Angeles

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Amasnic Fact Off!!!

In 1942, hundreds of thousands of people watched an unidentified flying object park over Los Angeles and endure an hour-long barrage of anti-aircraft shells.

On the morning of February 25, 1945, the people of Los Angeles were ready for an invasion. Only 10 weeks earlier, the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. Just two days before, a submarine had surfaced near Santa Barbara and fired on gasoline storage tanks.

So, when a radar blip approached at 2:15 a.m., the air-raid sirens screamed to life. Six minutes later a blackout was ordered. Then a huge unidentified object appeared in the sky.

The Battle of Los Angeles

12,000 air-raid wardens—and hundreds of thousands of people awakened by the sirens—watched the luminous ship move into the Los Angeles area.

The blimp-sized object came to a stop over Culver City, hovering above such landmarks as the MGM studios.

The Army’s 37th Coast Artillery Brigade trained multiple searchlights on the craft.

Then, between 3:16 and 4:14, dozens of gun batteries pounded the object with anti-aircraft shells.

LA Times Front Page Photo
(+) LA Times Front Page Photo

Several direct hits were reported, but none seemed to have any effect.

Many Smaller UFOs

Witnesses saw smaller objects fly through the area, too.

Editor Peter Jenkins of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner: “I could clearly see the V formation of about 25 silvery planes overhead…”

Long Beach Police Chief J.H. McClelland: “The group passed along from one battery of searchlights to another…Anti-aircraft fire was so heavy we could not hear the motors of the planes.”

The large craft looming over Culver City finally moved away toward the Santa Monica coast, then south towards Long Beach where it eventually disappeared.

Death and UFO Censorship

The next day, the Army reported 1,430 12-pound rounds had been fired. Several buildings were damaged and three civilians killed by falling shrapnel. Three more died from heart attacks during the bombardment.

In the end, the military denied there had been any objects in the sky at all. This lead the Long Beach Independent to note: “There is a mysterious reticence about the whole affair and it appears that some form of censorship is trying to halt discussion on the matter.”

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