Real Cars in Second Life

CNN article: Real Cars in Second Life.

General Motors’ Pontiac division is spending thousands of dollars to create a make-believe dealership that will sell make-believe cars for as little as a few dollars a piece.

The dealership will exist, so to speak, in Second Life, an on-line virtual world.

If you haven’t heard of Second Life, it’s an online virtual world where, currently, 1.6 million people log in and lead virtual lives with a computer-generated representation of themselves (called an avatar). You can buy clothes, buy real-estate, “teleport” from place to place, sell your art, get married, and have a job making virtual money that can be converted into real-world dollars.

Second Life was inspired by a similar virtual world in the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Harvard University is even offering a class in second life.

And now that there will be cars, I guess there will be drive-in movies and long lines at the virtual ER?

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