In Bed with Israel

What’s the reason behind the USA’s blind and unwavering support of Israel, even when Israel behaves like a spoiled teenager in need of a long-overdue grounding?

The best explanation I can find is in this article in The Economist, which states:

Two in five Americans believe that Israel was given to the Jewish people by God, and one in three say that the creation of the state of Israel was a step towards the Second Coming.

Here’s a thought: Jesus predicted that he was going to be betrayed. That doesn’t forgive Judas for making it happen.

Likewise, for those whose personal interpretation of the Bible leads them to believe a second coming depends on Israel despoiling the entire Middle East, that doesn’t forgive them for helping it happen.

The Main Stream Media tends to play down Israel’s offenses, but let’s be impartial with our anti-terrorist rage. There are plenty evildoers on Israel’s side of the fence.

It’s wrong for the USA to keep enabling another country’s noxious and immature behavior, as exhibited in the following links:

Nov. 1, 2006: Israeli strikes kill nine Palestinians
Nov. 2, 2006: Israel kills five Palestinians in Gaza
Nov. 3, 2006: Israeli troops kill two women in Gaza mosque siege
Nov. 4, 2006: Israel kills seven in Gaza, briefly eases grip on town
Nov. 5, 2006: Israel kills two Palestinians in Gaza, presses offensive
Nov. 6, 2006: Israeli air strike kills Gaza teenager
Nov. 7, 2006: Israel quits Gaza town, Palestinians bury dead
Nov. 8, 2006: Israel kills eighteen civilians in Gaza shelling

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