Random thoughts on Gun Control

Honestly, I think most people I’ve heard discuss gun control are blinded by their own emotions and idealism. This isn’t a black and white problem.

If you believe the right to own guns (2nd amendment) is a check-and-balance against the rise of a corrupt government in case one day it needs to be overthrown, then shouldn’t the 2nd amendment be updated for the 21st century with the right for any citizen to own private nuclear submarines and atomic bombs? (Takeaway: I think the 2nd amendment has problems.)

The increased right of people to own guns does reduce the rights of innocent people to not be killed (accidentally or on purpose) With guns allowed, more innocent people die from bullets. This is a well-researched, logical fact I won’t debate. So, which right is more important? While considering this, ask yourselves…

Is your right to swim more important than the rights of preteens not to drown? More preteens drown each year than are killed with bullets. Would you be willing to outlaw swimming pools and beaches if you knew it would save one child’s life? 20 children? 100 children? If you wouldn’t give up your right to swim to save a child’s life, then you seriously need to question why you’d limit the right to own a gun. (Clue: you probably give too much credence to your emotion, not enough to statistical reality.)

If we put in place stricter gun laws, shouldn’t we also restrict driving laws (cars kill more kids than guns). And, so, then shouldn’t getting a license be much more difficult than buying a gun? Are you willing to put your right to drive in the hands of some psychiatrist giving you a thorough mental evaluation and combing through your personal medical history? Are you willing to submit to a very intense driving course? If it might save a child’s life, why haven’t you already seen a psychologist and taken a driving course to potentially protect innocent people from yourself?

Conversely, shouldn’t buying a gun be at least as difficult as getting a driver’s license? Currently, it’s a lot easier–my 14 year old can’t drive, but he owns a rifle.

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Narco Moolah is FREE today!

Narco MoolahMy latest stand-alone Cleo Matts thriller, Narco Moolah, is FREE in the Amazon store December 23 and December 24!

Narco Moolah at Amazon (US)
Narco Moolah at Amazon (UK)

The action and laughs are strong with this one. As one reviewer said, “There are plenty of explosions, fights, chases, gun battles, and computer hackers to satisfy any action or tech junkie.”

If you get a chance, download, like, share the word, leave a review, let me know what you think.


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Book Review: Death of a Matador

Death of a MatadorPowers delivers a page-turning police procedural with Death of a Matador, the latest thriller featuring Detective Grant Starr. The action takes place in—until now—a peaceful little dusty town in Central California. From the first page, the story plunges into the fascinating culture of the local Portuguese community, back-stabbing small-town politics, and the inner workings of a police department dealing with crimes related to current hotbutton issues: animal rights activism and the emerging corporate farming of medicinal marijuana.

Powers is a natural storyteller and the dialogue is especially entertaining. You feel like you’re riding along with the detectives and officers listening in on their good-natured ribbing, privy to personal and confidential conversations as they unriddle a sudden spate of murders and scramble to protect witnesses. The banter is rich with cultural lingo, convincing police jargon, and spot-on buddy-cop wit.

I also enjoyed the vicarious excitement of wheeling Detective Starr’s 1970 Ferrari along a California highway at 120 mph with gorgeous Detective Amber Whitehall riding shotgun! :-)

While the motivations of the corrupt mayor are fully explained, I’d like more insight into the mind of the matador killer. It’s understandable that most people like animals, and most people fear going to prison, but I feel that this villain puts himself in extreme peril as an animal-rights activist and as a criminal avoiding capture. I’d like a little more explanation into what makes him tick, what drives him to activism and allows him to be capable of such cold-blooded actions.

Also, I’d like to see Grant Starr put in a bit more personal danger. Sure, he gets shot at, and others rely on him to save their necks, but I’d like to see him sweat-it-out a bit more, to see him in more up-close and personal all-out, whup-ass conflict with the bad guys.

All in all, this story kept me flipping the pages with fully-formed characters, tight action and suspense, very little fluff, and a surprisingly exotic setting via the Portuguese community and their traditions. If you’re in the mood for a riveting detective thriller, I recommend it!

Death of a Matador is available on Amazon’s Kindle.
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009W3Q9RY (US)
http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009W3Q9RY (UK)

Catch up with the author at the following link:

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Book Review: Coming Unglued

Coming Unglued by Norma BuddenIn Coming Unglued, Norma Budden’s heart-tugging page-turner about emotional and physical abuse, a young woman named Kelly seeks fulfillment while trying to meet her obligations to family, friends, and God under horrific circumstances: raising a child conceived during rape.

Budden fully explores the gray areas of Kelly’s circumstance–a situation stigmatized by a society inclined to see black or white. Along the way, Kelly discovers joy where she most expects to find grief, and heartache when she expects joy. She also learns a thing or two about forgiveness, and the blessings and perils of unconditional love. With Budden’s smooth writing, it all adds up to a gripping tale filled with revelation and more than a few surprises.

In the endnotes, Budden says this novel is based on a plethora of research into the real lives of abuse victims. The convincing characters reflect the depth of the research, and maybe that’s why, as with real life, you’re never confident how the story will end until you reach the final page. Strongly recommended, but only with a full box of Kleenex nearby.

Coming Unglued: A Mother’s Journey into Hell is available on Amazon’s Kindle.
www.amazon.com/dp/B00AF5EHHM (US)
www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00AF5EHHM (UK)

Catch up with the author at the following links:

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Narco Moolah Coming 11.1

Narco Moolah, the next espionage thriller featuring Trapdoor agent Cleo Matts, will be released on November 1st in eBook formats (read more here: Narco Moolah).

Narco MoolahToronto artist Ron Guyatt has created the cover art, and I think he did a great job of capturing the feel of the novel. The story takes place in tropical locals across the globe, from the beaches of Waikiki in Hawaii, to the canals of Basra, Iraq, to the shores of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s summer, it’s hot, and the action is blistering. I like the artwork so much I’ve splashed it all around this site—hey, speaking of this site…

Writing Narco Moolah was a slow process for me, and I spent a lot of time in my writing cave researching weapons, travelogue diaries (my wife nixed the idea of a vacation in Iraq to do writing research!), Arab culture and food and clothing, the Middle East opium trade, the Internet’s Deep Web, CIA black ops, the psychic remote viewing program funded by U.S. intelligence agencies, computer hackers, and maybe most of all just researching how bad guys curse so creatively.

Anyway, I channeled a lot of time into writing the book at the expense of this blog. Formerly titled Hard-boiled Dreams of the World, the blog is now simply joecrubaugh.com. It was in bad need of a major overhaul. I’m happy to say, the database, SQL and WordPress engines, and the theme have all been updated. I’ve still got a few more bells and whistles to add in the coming days, but hopefully the major lifting is done.

And I’ll try to get back to posting more!

Narco Moolah is in the hands of the final copy editor at the moment, but I should have a sample chapter or three to post early next week ahead of the book release. And all that book research provided a long list of topics I’m eager to blog about, so check back soon, or better yet, sign up for updates on the sidebar.

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